Sony Steers PS3 Towards Music and Films

The Financial Times ( )today reported that Sony are working on plans to distribute video and music via the PlayStation Network, its online games system, and possibly user generated media, in a significant step in transforming the PlayStation 3 games console into a multimedia device capable of networking with other Sony hardware.

Sir Howard Stringer, Sony chief executive, said "We are building a software infrastructure to distribute video and music, more particularly video, through the PlayStation Network"

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blusoops4477d ago

Hopefully we'll be able to download Hi-Def movies on XBL.

bym051d4477d ago

Great... now allow us to have custom soundtracks in all of our games like the XBOX360.

I think Bladestorm would sound good with Amon Amararth.

okcomputer4476d ago

Yea, its a great feature that the ps3 should pick up. Playing Bioshock + radiohead as background music was f'ing awesome. Would love to do the same with my ps3.

d3l33t4477d ago

its about time. if i could stream Bluray movies for 3.99 a piece, ide rent a couple times a week!

RelloC4477d ago

how exactly do you stream a blu ray movie?? this technology must be astounding.

Elginer4477d ago

Everything but games it seems.

DarkArcani4477d ago

Half a year ago it would have been funny and true. A couple months ago you still could have said it and might still be somewhat funny.

Now, it's not true therefore, it's not funny any more. Come up with something more witty or just shut up.

I loathe all you hater fans who keep saying:
"the PS3DO has nooo games"
"it's sooo expensive"
"Gaylo plays at 680p"
"RROD, Haha"
"360 has more 9+ games"
"I thought rumble was last gen"
"I thought HDMI wasn't needed"
Or listing every friggin exclusive you want.

Do you know why?
80% of the time it has NOTHING to do with the topic. It just gets annoying and repetitive.
Example -

This place is meant for discussion, not argument. If I wanted to read to people argue, I would turn on subtitles for Grumpy Old Men.

molotov994477d ago

your right the ps3 should "steer" towards good games and not try to hide it with more features

Elginer4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

tons of features are a great thing, but honestly the PS3 is 'losing' features. How is that a good thing? It's losing ports and now b/c. Yes, it's going to be a hub to sell every Sony product under the sun, but did you sign up for that when you bought a PS3? I would think it was for the promise of a system that like the PS2 was awesome. Had tons of developer support with massive exclusives. The PS2 was not made the system it was by Sony, it was made that by third parties, which is something I fear a lot of Sony fans have forgotten.

All of those first party Sony games were icing on the cake; not the cake. Currently the PS3 is struggling and it makes matters worse when PS3 owners are not buying third party software that is out on the system. You want the PS3 to succeed but how the hell can if it, if the software sales are not there? Stop shouting your system is the bomb and buy the software instead of all these blasted movies. And you wonder why people call it a movie player. The attach rate software rise for the system is abysmal. Support the PS3 by buying games not falling into Sony's trap of furthering their agenda to win a format war. That's not what the PS3 should really be about, it's about having awesome games.

BulletToothtony4477d ago

RIIIIIGHT... soo since they want do add value to the ps3 that mean they're doing everything wrong right???

what happened to the great lineup of games that started with warhawk?? people just got stuck saying that the ps3 has no games that even by next year we'll be hearing the same studip crap..

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The story is too old to be commented.