Amazon price cuts Halo 3 Legendary for Xbox 360 on Mon. price cut the Halo 3 Legendary Edition for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 by 15 percent in order to drive sales of the premium game SKU.

On Mon. morning, the product ranked in the No. 31 sales rank in the division, up from a prior rank of No. 126.

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MikeGdaGod4022d ago

not even most xbots want a sh!t colored xbox

DEIx15x84021d ago

It's Halo 3 the game, not console.

Meus Renaissance4022d ago

Some were calling Sony's price drop a sign of "desperation", the first wall piece to officially crumble. No doubt how they'll respond to this news:

"Great thinking by Microsoft. This will surely sell more than it ever has done before."

But I did think it was over priced in the first place though.