"Start of day" thoughts - EA is taking over the world

When it comes to third parties, EA is one of the first ones to come to mind. While they may be in a struggle for first place with Activision, there's no doubt that they have plenty of weight to throw around. Every other day it seems like EA is buying out some other development company. Most recently added to their coral of developers are Pandemic and Bioware. Both are absolutely huge purchases, but the addition of Bioware will definitely help EA in one category that they were lacking in…RPGs. Buying out one of the many RPG developers in existence should help them in that area just a tad. It seems like EA will stop at nothing to become number one. The only question is, at what cost?

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Jones Miller5586d ago

EA is like a big sh*thole in space sucking in games and spitting them out all f*cked up!

borgome5586d ago

but check this video out if you haven't already seen it. They seem to stepping up there game, with help of course.

pilotpistolpete5585d ago

EA buying out developers is not a good thing.

EA hasn't been regarded as a good company lately, pumping out more mediocre titles than ever. Just leave independent devs alone and focus on your next crappy madden series already.