Capcom's Countdown should be bigger than Sony's Big Bang, but what is it?

Now we are only about two days away from finding out what the Capcom's countdown timer has been holding from us, and as we draw closer, imaginations run wild again.

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cloud3604111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

I would like to say that if CAMPCOM's announcement is dissapointing we will lose all respect for Capcom and acknowledge them as a hostile Video Game company.

I say we becuase i believe i speak for every PS3 Fan for now.

There fault for accepting money for Monster Hunter. Then buliding hype gradually with this countdown crap

poopface14111d ago

If you lose respect for them will you not buy DMC4 or RE5 or silent hill. I doubt it, that would make you dumb and sad.

The Snake4111d ago

Silent Hill isn't a Capcom game.

barom4110d ago

[email protected] hill

and may I say Silent Hill 5 is gonna be the way RE series SHOULD have evolved in = the best survival horror game to come this decade. Capcom can't even be loyal to the genre in which they created (survival horror) which is quite sad.

VendettaWFT4110d ago

the new game is essentially a new Bionic Commando game for the PS3/PC/XBOX360

nanometric4110d ago

Agreed Vendetta, I just saw the interview on gamespot, so I bet my money on it!

JsonHenry4110d ago

I have a feeling this announcement will suck just as bad as the "amazing" G4TV announcement did.

Trick Nolte4110d ago

I'm a PS3 as well as a Capcom fan so I cant let you speak for me. Capcom already gets props for bringing Bionic Commando Next Gen. I could care less about Monster Hunter 3.

Sure it sells well in Japan and it would have been a good retainer for Sony but FF13 is more important, in Japan and America.

I aint turning my back on Capcom because regardless to what they announce; people are gonna criticize while others embrace it.

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Shadow Flare4111d ago

I believe, now this is only speculation from what i've read and heard so please don't believe this straight off the bat but rumour has it Capcom has found a way to use the cell processor for their new game to rip space and time itself to allow time-travel. Now this is only speculation, but i believe this is only possible on the ps3

play beyond

SabreMan4111d ago

thats funny !!

who has disagreed ffs get a sense of humor

barom4110d ago

rofl that is funny hahahahah

DwightOwen4110d ago

It's like some morons have no ability whatsoever to comprehend sarcasm.

poet2154110d ago

I could understand if he likes 360 more PS3, but he goes far out of his way to post negative info & comments about a machine he doesn't even own. I sold my 360, so I may read/browse articles pertaining to MS, but that's where it stops. I'll never post bashing comments toward the console. Worry about the machine that you have. And that goes for PS3 supporters that are constantly trolling Xbox news & hating. You all put more energy into hating the console you don't have, than you spend enjoying the one you do own....

Saint Sony4110d ago

Time travel is needed to be able to enjoy gaming with PS3. In near future there might be some worth playing... maybe.

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Bloodmask4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

I don't think Capcom cares what you think. And video games producers go where the "money" can be made. Unfortuanately the PS3 is last in money making bc of the low install base and "high" development costs. This is why making a PS3 exclusive doesn't make a "sound" business investment. The high development costs of PS3 were cited as the "primary" reason for Monster Hunters cancellation on PS3.

On topic I hope this anouncement is Street Fighter 4. Capcom is the king of 2D fighting games along with SNK. Capcom is one of the industries best developers in my opinion. Ever since the old Ghouls 'n Ghosts and Street Fighter 2 Turbo days.

DeadIIIRed4111d ago

Capcom, along with any other respected business, keeps their customers in mind. One more thing to remember is that Capcom is a company in Japan. Business is WAY different there than here. Not everything there is about making the quick fast sell like it is here in the States.

Blitzed4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

So whats their reason for going multi-platform with everything then?

waitbeyond4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

"Capcom, along with any other respected business, keeps their customers in mind. One more thing to remember is that Capcom is a company in Japan. Business is WAY different there than here. Not everything there is about making the quick fast sell like it is here in the States."

From your words, I think Capcom would rebuttal.

1. It does not matter if it was making it in Africa.
The bottom line - all businesses' main focus is 'profitability'.
2. If not everything there is about making the quick fast sell like it is here in the States and loyalty to the Japanese market. Then, why did they make Dead Rising and Lost Planet for 360? Apparently, Capcom keeps their customers in mind.

If you are going to reply, explain it in an articulate manner.

@3.4 Cheech

I do not need to create multiple accounts just to boost my bubbles. That would be lame and pathetic like you mentioned. We both agreed on that.

Just because I have 7 bubbles and 550 points and not a contributor does not make my point-of-view any lesser than a contributor. Like my role stated, I'm a "GAMER" which is what I am. Why would I want to post news and be reported as spam from fanboys because they viewed as a negative to their system?

As far as the name, Waitbeyond - I was an avid SONY PS2 fan until they started with their drivel about playing 4D @ 120fps & overpriced HD player. Hence forth, my icon is Liar Liar.

Since I have over 5 bubbles and you do not, I gathered you to be bias?

Don't take my comments so seriously. People with stalking others (i.e. how many N4g points)are lame and pathetic. They usually end up serving in prison.

Cheers :)

Fighter4111d ago

Wow. 7 bubbles & 550 N4G points and you're not even a contributor yet. Stop using your multiple accounts to give yourself the extra bubbles because that is so lame. People who have over 5 bubbles should be unbiased and not have a name like waitbeyond. Lame and Pathetic.

Don't take my comments so seriously. People with multiple personalities usually end up serving life in prison.

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Almighty4111d ago

Megaman for Wii. 100% Sure.

Tsalagi4111d ago

Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku!!!!

Double-Edged4111d ago

ahahhaha tiger uppercut.
i remember sagat's voice. LOL.

Bubbles for that!

Blitzed4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

After all he contributes and all his posts you decide THIS is why he deserves bubbles? His other posts are well thought out, well presented, unbias, objective comments which...oh...ugh...I just threw up in my mouth.

*Bloodmask, before you start posting links to you're post history, grade point average and psych evaluation, I was just busting your balls...Yoga Flame!

VendettaWFT4111d ago

PSYCHO CRUSHER...seemed like the thing to do on this comment page

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