Irish software chart for the week ending 13th October,2007

As anticipated Resistance , Motorstorm, F1 reentered the chart following strong sales of the PS3 hardware(accompanied by a price cut and the launch of the 40gig ps3 model).Tiger woods 08 has moved up to no 5 followed by Resistance : Fall of Man . Fifa 08 topped the list followed by Halo 3.

Sales chart below :-
01 (01) Fifa 08 (Electronic Arts)
02 (02) Halo 3 (Microsoft)
03 (03) Mysims (Electronic Arts)
04 (04) More Brain Training From Dr Kawashima (Nintendo)
05 (06) Tiger Woods Pga Tour 08 (Electronic Arts)
06 (19) Resistance: Fall Of Man (Sony Computer Ent.)
07 (17) Wii Play (Nintendo)
08 (12) Cars (Thq)
09 (05) Dr Kawashima's Brain Training (Nintendo)
10 (07) New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
11 (11) Bratz: Forever Diamondz (Thq)
12 (14) Ratatouille (Thq)
13 (10) Cooking Mama (505 Games)
14 (__) Project Gotham Racing 4 (Microsoft)
15 (08) Transformers: The Game (Activision)
16 (09) Need For Speed: Carbon (Electronic Arts)
17 (__) Formula 1: Championship Edition (Sony Computer Ent.)
18 (18) Rugby 08 (Electronic Arts)
19 (__) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (Take 2)
20 (__) Motorstorm (Sony Computer Ent.)

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nasim4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

just to let everyone know

AMAZON UK has just afew 60 gigs and 40 gigs left

PS3 has murdered wii and x360

GFK estimates that over 500 000 ps3s migh6t have been sold ON OCTOBER 10,2007

here are the sales charts of various EU and UK retailers



ps3 in PLAY's chart has moved up 200 places at no 18

AMAZON GERMANY (ps3 is no 1) TOTAL ps3 domination


ps3 is at no 4 ...x360 is non existent

@wii360..why BOT???

It hurts so much to see your x360 die . Isnt it?

Leg-End4025d ago

this is one of the reasons i love this site

fanboys that don't realise how funny they are!
it's even better when they start arguing over geeky bull$hit!!!!!!!!!


StuffRokz4025d ago

why do you have to be like that? why can't you just enjoy your ps3, and let others enjoy their system of choice? the 360 is not going to just die. i own a 360 and i love it, but i'm also looking foward to getting a ps3 at the end of the year, since i know that the games are going to be amazing in time. both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. why must you instantly attack anyone who says something good about the 360 and even the wii? people are entitled to opinions without having someone verbally attack them 2 seconds later. this isnt just directed at you, but at all sony fanboys AND xbox fanboys. can't we all just get along without trying to prove one systems superiority?

Wii60PS3DSPSP4025d ago

Honestly do you have anything better do to with your life?

Baba19064025d ago

maybe he doesnt. maybe he does. just let him. its not like he is making any harm. i have seen much worse in this world =D

synce4025d ago ShowReplies(3)
games4fun4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

people not caring about a console and/or hating it is one thing but saying the country of Ireland should be nuked pretty much makes what the two above me said true. Also i may be American but i remember my heritage and I'm part Irish you piece of sh1t.

Edit: i've seen some biased people on this site including nasim and the other mirrors to him but you will be the first person on my ignore list.

d3l33t4025d ago

he said it to get a reaction, and it worked.

do not feed the trolls

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