VF5 Video Comparison: 360 vs PS3

See which karate kid kicks the hardest with these exclusive video comparisons of Virtua Fighter 5 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The biggest and most obvious difference between the six-month old PS3 version and just gone gold 360 version is that the latter will have full online play. Hopefully Sega will hurry up and release the rumoured patch for the PS3 version so we can kick ass around the world instead of just in the games room at lunch.

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PimpHandHappy4478d ago

i played that crap out of this game the last few years. Im looking at getting back into tekken. When is tekken6 coming?

P1MPDADDY4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Only 270,000 PS3 owners bought this game worldwide. It's hardly played out.

Once it gets released for the 360 with online play included this game should get some "real" love from a console that has owners who actually buy games instead of movies. I tried the demo a few days ago. It's going to be a great fighting game for the 360. Does anybody own the Hori Arcade stick??? I saw one at Gamestop but they wouldnt let me take it out of the box to get a better look at it and see how the joystick responds.

Edit:DPA and your comment just proves that your an even bigger dumba$$ for responding to my comment. I watched the video comparison and it's too small to notice a difference. If you want to complain about the DPAD on the 360, thats fine. But the PS3 DPAD doesnt impress me either. Thats why I asked if anyone had the Hori arcade stick yet. I like to play fighters, and no console controller does a fighter justice.

Edit:gEnKiE and your comment once again makes you look like a bigger dumba$$ for responding to me. I posted because PimpHandHappy is a PS3 fanboy who is trying to get people to take my bubbles. Anything to annoy him makes my day. Besides my sales numbers show that VF5 isnt played out because PS3 owners didnt buy the game. Its more like not played since its not owned. The real reason you responded to me is because you are an obvious PS3 fanboy and cant stand when someone throws the only stats that matter in your face. Sales numbers.

P R A Y B 3 Y O N D

Dpa4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Pimpdaddy, laughing at retarded comments from dumbasses like you makes my afternoon all the funnier. Sony and MS fanboys - you gotta love em.

And to be honest i'd rather the PS3 version because you cannot play a beat em up with an analog stick, and the 360s dpad feels like it was designed and produced in taiwan.

MikeGdaGod4478d ago

well i bought this game but it didn't get much play. it loads too slow and doesn't have many backgrounds and fighters. Tekken DR is much much better and only cost $30 with online. that's probably why it didn't sell that well. Tekken DR is way better.

Jamaicangmr4478d ago

Yeah my friend bought a PS3 a few weeks ago an got this with it. I borrowed it from him and i really don't see what all the hype was about. This feels date compared to Tekken 5 DR:O. Don't get me wrong the graphics are very impressive but thats basically it. Everything else felt slow and just not fun, in my opinion anyway. For me it's Soul Calibur and Tekken in that order.

gEnKiE4478d ago

Pimpdaddy, your an f***ing moron....for one, vgchartz is not a reliable source and second, what the hell does the amount sold have to do with how much pimphandhappy played the game. All 360 fanboys talk about how stupid comments ps3 fanboys make and look at what you just proved....This site is getting ridiculous...

Violater4478d ago

this site has become ridiculous.
And is no longer held in high esteem across the net like it used to be.
I'll say it again, the member accounts need to be reset with IP logging.
And the ban hammer needs to swing Weekly!!

CyberSentinel4478d ago

You da man now, dawg!

Bubble for you sir.

Blind Lemmings, Wait B3y0nd 2007!

ARBitrator4478d ago

"Pimpdaddy, laughing at retarded comments from dumbasses like you makes my afternoon all the funnier."

"i'd rather the PS3 version because you cannot play a beat em up with an analog stick, and the 360s dpad feels like it was designed and produced in taiwan"

Sony and MS fanboys - you gotta love em.


Ri0tSquad4478d ago

Pimpdaddy would be talking dirt about this game. I mean seriously he has got to be the biggest fanboy on this site and the little kidd types pages of bashing on a console he doesn't even own. Its quite easy to tell when you fanboys (use to be gamers or never one) are just full of sh*t sometimes.

Gamer luv4477d ago

Well, i think PS3 fans will stick to Tekken, and 360 fans will stick with Dead Or Alive, as both are clearly better then VF5. DoA4 is a much more fluent fighting game, and from previous tekkens you can say the same thing.

VF5 was ok for a while, but its just not good enough to compete with DoA and Tekken.

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Ignorant Fanboy4478d ago

But if we showed a comparison video of online multiplayer, the PS3 version would be just a blank screen.

Dpa4478d ago

But if we showed a comparison video of this game a year ago, the 360 version would be just a blank screen.

macsto4478d ago

Actually a year ago virtua fighter 5 wasnt out on the Playstation 3. :o)

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LSDARBY4478d ago

This is what they manage with the extra dev time.

Bloodmask4478d ago

Both of the console versions are "ports" of the "arcade" version. Both versions will be pretty much identical based on that. Except for the online functionality.

Azures4478d ago

Something tells me Bloodmask you'd be here pissing on the ps3 if you saw even an extra polygon for the 360, so cut the crap.

wageslave4478d ago

It looks like the lighting on the fighters in the Xbox 360 version is more accurate and active. The PS3 models look dark, with less contrast and the light is 'blocky' and less nuanced.

andy0014478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

This will be the norm I think. The multi console games will be virtually identical and it will be up to the exclusives to differentiate the consoles.

As far as online multiplayer and fighting games, I think lag becomes a difficult issue to overcome, as timing is so important. It is not something I look for in a fighting game, the best of which is soul calibur anyway :o)

JsonHenry4478d ago

Amen Brotha! Soul Caliber FTW!!

Marceles4478d ago

Only insane fanboys would notice an extreme difference between them, but they looked identical to me. If there was a difference, it wasn't enough for me to ooh and awe.

ry-guy4477d ago

I had the same thought. They looked nearly identical. Even if I tried I couldn't come up with anything.