Sony Lightens the Load

It isn't too late for Sony's PS3 sales to soar. The only question is, in an attempt to lighten the load, has Sony jettisoned the parachute? More within...

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SonySoldiers4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Sony Playstation 3 is worth of winning!

Let's discuss about PLAYSTATION 3, the more discussions the more popular it gets. DO NOT mention anything about Xturd 360 and its games, it's a TABOO.


Real Gambler4111d ago

Dang, I never knew about it... I totally missed the other 16 articles that said so, up to now, in N4G ALONE!

Thank you for bringing this back. Keep doing it... You never know, it may take 40 attempts before everybody find out they have removed it on one PS3 SKU....

This is now article 17 about the loss of Backward Compatibility on ONE PS3 model... Could you imagine how many articles this will generate in N4G if they remove it in all the PS3 models? You know this could happen eventually. Wow, if we get 17 articles about it while it's still available if you care about PS2 BC, I can only imagine we will get 100 posts if they totally remove it... Keep up the good work : ) Somebody, somewhere, in the middle of desert, may not know about this yet.. Bring on the NEWS : )

BrianC62344111d ago

I'm getting tired of all these dumb attacks on Sony and the PS3. And especially this new model at $399. Sony is doing what they can to drop the price. They can't get rid of the important parts that would really drop the price. If they did that it would be the PS2.5 instead of PS3. Time for people to stop talking about the price of the PS3. If you can't afford a PS3 you can't afford gaming period.

dale14111d ago

keep ps2 problem solved as for games for the ps3 theres plenty coming now so no problem there, these articles are starting to become very very boring
lets get back to red ring of death on the 360,s thats interesting and can we have the rumour the 360,s are having there circuits modded to not show the three rings fault at manufacturing confirmed or not include repaired consoles as well for this question
if this is true all 360 owners are in a whole lot of trouble as this is fault carries the 3 year warranty,all other faults are chargeable

omansteveo4111d ago

What are you talking about?


What he actually said.

Keep the PS2, problem solve.

pilotpistolpete4111d ago

Regardless of what you think of the BC removal, I think we can all agree that this simile is bad.

wangdiddy824111d ago

ps3 is a freaking bargin..

ActionBastard4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

You mean the average 360, HDTV owning gamer? Keep in mind $399 BD/PS3 vs $349 DVD/360.

Darkiewonder4111d ago

Do they know about the extra Features that come with the system if they aren't told about it?

ActionBastard4111d ago

Who buys anything moderately priced, nowadays, that doesn't know what it can do? Sure, gaming is the primary motivating factor. But there is no way after booting up a PS3 or 360 for that matter, anyone could come away thinking it only played games.

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Wii60PS3DSPSP4111d ago

I'd buy the 60gb Ps3 at $400 or $450. Without BC I feel jipped.

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The story is too old to be commented.