Incredible Unreal Tournament III footage

CVG have been dabbling with the recently released Unreal Tournament III demo and pressing their video capture key during the slaughter to bring you three uber-action movies.

Two of the videos feature UT III's Deathmatch mode on the HeatRay and ShangriLa maps in the demo, while the third is taken from Vehicle CTF and map Suspense. You'd expect the game to be sweet on the eye and it doesn't disappoint.

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Evil0Angel4074d ago

is it still for this year or is it comin 2008(i mean the PS3 version)

Kleptic4074d ago

they are trying for December 07...with every single map...But no official date has been set it very well could be early 2008...

it does looks great...That Dark Walker sequence looked awesome....

SonySoldiers4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

The footage shows the omni-potential of PLAYSTATION 3!

No other console/PC can spit so much processing power like SONY's PS3!!

FFVIIFan4074d ago

Omnipotential isn't even a word. Instead of playing beyond, why don't you read beyond? Or at least until you reach a 5th grade reading level.

SonySoldiers4074d ago

TO: the disability girl - FFVIIFan

Google finds this:

Look up your dictionary and stop crying!

FFVIIFan4074d ago

is called Not some random self-motivation blog. Now please take your impromptu words and lock yourself in the closet like R-Kelly because you embarrass everyone who owns a PS3.

TheMART4074d ago

Hhmmmm this is just looking like Gears of War but then some vehicles added. Gears is playing on a speed that's normal, this is on crack.

That's about all. Even the walls, stairs, building textures... I was looking forward to this game, but suddenly I hope Gears of War 2 will be here soonish.

d3l33t4074d ago

your intuitive power astonishes me. this was 'the studio that brought you gears of war'. so is it a big surprise the art style is similar? not really.
would i compare it to gears of war? maybe

but this ISNT gears of war, its UTIII, a franchise that's not comparable by aby means to your 'gears of war' and to be honest, its living up to the image nicely.

lmao2474074d ago

1. gears of war is an after effect of unreal, notice the engine these are all on are the UNREAL engine. As much as you would like to think gears is the fist franchise that epic has had success with look at the 10+ years unreal has dominated the FPS genre
2. There has been vehicles since 2004, when did gears come out, vehicles isnt something new to UT
3. The speed the game plays at is normal in terms of UT, I dont like the dumbed down speed of most FPS's, I like being on my feet and having to be aware of everything every second. If the game is going for a unrealalistic sense, it goes all the way with speed and gameplay.

CAPS LOCK4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

This looks much better than gears. There is so much space on each map unlike gears corridors and also there is much more going on on screen! more characters more cars more everything! this is unreal! can't really afford to upgrade my pc because it is pure trash so I might pick this up on ps3 with ratchet, uncharted, haze and maybe resistance.
Oh and mart you should know this came out on x-box, all you have to do is play the game or even see the game case to know that gears was developed by epic...unless you didn't even play the game...

mesh14074d ago

ut3 beta is garbage it need major improvement int he gameplay area it feels rubbish i was expecting something realy realy awesome but ut2004 +halo 3 plays wayy better i think maybe u engine does not sooth ut3 as the games needmroe things happing like in halo 3 with the amazing explosions and ut3 has a lot happing so maybe the engine is to complicated to run games like halo 3 thus ut3 in my opnion is playing awfull and does not come close to looking like gow

masterg4073d ago


Do you ever go back and read your old comments and just think damn I was just an idiot for saying that?

This one is one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Have you tried the demo? I'm betting you haven't. If this was 360 first and then PS3 you would be loving it.

okcomputer4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Only a complete idiot ms fanboy would be blind enough to accuse unreal of ripping off gears. Epic has been working on the unreal series YEARS before gears was even an idea.

As for the stupid speed comment, that's how true fps are played. Millions of pc gamers have enjoyed unreal's precise physics and speed and it doesn't have to be dumbed down with autoaim and slower gameplay like most console fps games.

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Mattguy4074d ago

^Sick at least ONE decently smart unreal fan on him, he needs it.(I couldn't fit the bill I haven't played unreal enough to be considered a fan, I love it but haven't played it enough, that'll change this winter. Hopefully.)

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