Immersion pondering rumble for DS/PSP?

Our handheld consoles can do anything, they can play games (naturally) they can play movies, they can play music, store photos, browse the internet and run homebrew applications. But there is one thing they can't do and that's rumble.

Of course you could always try playing one of your favourite games while sitting on the back of a JCB but Immersion, the company behind the rumbling features in most consoles including the PS3, has recently expressed a desire to supply a more elegant solution.

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Firewire4486d ago

First and foremost Immersion isn't behind the rumble in the PS3's new DS3 controller. They have payed to use Immersions patents but developed their own tech for the DS3. This was even stated recently by Immersion.
Secondly a new PSP just came out, there isn't any rumble tech built into it so scrap that idea, Sony won't come out with another version of the PSP for years. And when the hell did DS owners ever say anything about wanting rumble, umm never!

SnakeCL4486d ago

I'd rather have no rumble than short battery life.

GameClearer4486d ago

errrrrr the ds has rumble and it sucks

darthv724486d ago

comes with metroid pinbal. It isnt bad but it isnt anything earth shaking either (pun intended). It is cool to play metroid hunters and pinball as well as the zuma knockoff "magnetica" with the pack...if I remember to plug it in that is.

pilotpistolpete4486d ago

Please keep our handhelds free of rumble. Its enough with the new DS3 controller. I personally don't give a crap about. It was cool when I bought the rumble pack for Goldeneye, but the hype wore off after a day or so. I just don't get whats so good about rumble that they have to add it to everything. I'll keep on buying the sixaxix, rumble free. Longer battery, lighter...good trade off for something that shakes when I get hit in a game.

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