Comparison: InFamous 1 vs. InFamous 2 "Released back in 2009, InFamous 1 has become a gamer favorite and still stands as one of the PS3's best exclusives to date. Now, Sucker Punch is at it again with InFamous 2 and they are committed to outdoing the first game in every single way. Here's a screenshot comparison of both titles."

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BiggCMan3713d ago

They greatly improved the color of the game, and added much more detail around the city. Textured also look a lot better this time around as well. Its a great looking game and I am highly anticipating it. E3 week is gonna be great man, all the new reveals, while playing inFamous 2, hell yea! I'm actually downloading the User Generated Content Beta right now.

Cloudberry3713d ago

And personally, I like Cole's facial design in 2 rather than 1.

Oddly (?) in 1, he looks much older... : /

While in 2 he's look a lot "cleaner", physical appearance wise.

LolololRumz3711d ago

I'm really starting to like the new Cole model.

I wasn't too sure at first but it's really growing on me now

Mc Fadge3713d ago

It's hard to compare anything when the pictures are 620x348 max :/

Agent_hitman3713d ago

This game is like GTA series with a special power, I really really love this infamous series..


macky3013713d ago

I love infamous, because I feel how awesum SLY4 will be,..