Top 3 PS3 Exclusives That Were Quickly Forgotten

The PlayStation 3 has seen its fair share of exclusives; just take a look at the amount of exclusive games coming out for Sony’s black behemoth machine (over 20 confirmed releases for 2011 alone). However, unfortunately for gamers the console has also seen the not-so-good titles and here’s the top three that were very much forgotten.

GamingForever4540d ago

Afrika is one of the worst PS3 exclusives of all time

DarkTower8054540d ago

Hey, I thought Afrika was pretty good. I even got a platinum on it.

blitz06234540d ago

Eh, the headline is just another way writing Top 3 Worst PS3 exclusives. Nothing new here

hay4540d ago

WTF? Lair was really fun after the patch and wasn't that bad before it either.

LOGICWINS4540d ago

Afrika? That actually came out?

Lykon4540d ago Show
MintBerryCrunch4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

probably the most racist/homophobic and nigh on impossible ignorant thing that i have read on here

you just took close to a billion people and mashed them all into one

i know i shouldnt care, but i feel sad for you


Get down from your high horse. Afrika isn't perfect but if you think HIV, raping and stupid traditions are localized problems you really need to wake up and smell the bullshit...

Kleptic4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

I'm not defending lykon, but people jumping on him just because he said 'bad' things about Africa is getting tired...

It's a continent...Not a country...and although its primarily inhabited by what the rest of the world refers to as 'blacks'...that has really nothing to do with what is going on there...

It does't matter what color their skin is, etc...it has everything to do with the fact that after countless years of help from civilized nations...it still has the highest population of people who, literally, throw spears at a each other...

and now its to the point, media wise, where people still can't say how fucked up shit is over there...Even after pirates rape and murder civilians off the west African coast, and the political leaders of African countries harboring these guys say 'we are not going to do anything about it, it has created an industry' (as in the local harbors that feed and lodge the pirates that magically have tons of cash)...nearly daily...No one said 'black people are killing everyone'...he didn't even use the term 'Africans'...he just stated that Africa, or parts of it anyway, are just about the bleakest parts of the entire globe...

i don't get it...Africa, major sections of it, are a shit hole right now...and have been for longer than any of us have been alive...yet we are not allowed to say that without people thinking its racial propaganda against africans...Africa isn't the only place where stuff is terrible...the middle east is just as bad, just on a smaller physical area...tell a guard that a guy wearing a turban is mumbling to himself and has both arms stretched into the air...at an airport...and watch what happens...THAT is racial profiling...simply saying Nigeria is a mess, or Irag, or Jamaica, or North Korea (they all are), is simply fact...not racial anything...

hell the US is a nightmare in a lot of ways lately...and Europeans tell us, on here, daily...and no one gets upset about it...overall i think people just need to chill out, and not take objective statements so subjectively...

and also...how exactly is anything he said 'homophobic'?

Fulensenca4540d ago

@ Lykon

"hiv, voodoo, endless handouts from first world countries"

So you think voodoo is something stupid, I agree, it is as much as stupid to believe that there is an invisible man that lives in the sky and that he is the father of the universe ... maybe you believe in something so imaginative and stupid too.

A believer has many problems ( in short it is impossible ) to think logically and rationally, but he should at least be consistent.

Lykon4540d ago

thanks kleptic....

mint berry i'm not homophobic , how you figure that out ???!!!

fulen...i got nothing against peoples beliefs, but rhinos are my favourite animal and their horns contain nothing but hardened keratin which is the same stuff as in our finger nails.

maybe i was a little extreme , but i'm sick of the false idea that sub saharan africa is some paradise with ambient lion king music playing while half naked savage girls feed you mangos.

I admit to being racist, although i do my best not to prejudge individuals based on colour, I don't want to be racist at all, hating is like drinking poison expecting your enemy to die, I would like to live in a peaceful world. But I'm not afraid to look at things objectively.

Fulensenca4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

@ Lykon:

"i got nothing against peoples beliefs,"

I do.

"but rhinos are my favourite animal and their horns contain nothing but hardened keratin which is the same stuff as in our finger nails."

I like rhinos too ( well, I like all animals but spiders because I am arachnophobic ), and I understand very well what you mean.

What I meant is that people usually think that using rhinos horns is stupid ( and it really is! ), but eating a host made of bread is eating someone' s body ( wich in this case would be cannibalism ) is reasonable ... bread turns in a body piece ( magic ), a piece of a specific "person" ( they say ) ... who is not a person but a god ( they say )... but a person too, because he died over 2000 years ago ( they say ) ... but a god again because he revived ( no witness, just someone said it, they say ) ... but now no one knows where the body is ( because it never existed in first place ), so people make it with bread every sunday ... and eat it. It makes sense. So teach it to your children.

Very logic, rational and adult, isn' it?

What I mean is that the whole world can do an evolutive step forward only if people grows up becoming adult leaving religions and such with kid' s tales. Half of the world' s problems would be solved.

Lykon4540d ago

fulen , look , i'm not a Christian ok, but my understanding of the Eucharist (blood and body of Christ thing) is that it's a ritual that helps people connect with a spiritual practise. It doesn't harm anyone does it? where as collecting rhino horns and other stuff like human albinos body parts etc does do harm. Anyway i can't reply any more because I've run out of bubbles so you're welcome to the last word. I think we've gone a little bit off topic anyway (my fault)

Fulensenca4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

@ Lykon:

"Eucharist (blood and body of Christ thing) is that it's a ritual that helps people connect with a spiritual practise. It doesn't harm anyone does it?"

I brought the example of christianity just because it is the only religion I know very well because I was forced ( as everyone else in the world, no one asks you if you want to, and no one teaches you that there are more religions, so every believer is absolutely convinced that his religion is right and who thinks different is obviusly wrong ... as if you could prove it. Wierd, isn' t it? No one can prove something about a god in the whole human story ) to learn it.

"It doesn't harm anyone does it?"

It actually does! A lot! Just think how many religious wars there are and how many there will be in the future.
Or just think that hundreds of milions people thinks that they are right with their political views because it 's just according to their religion ... but without showing that any god has ever existed.

Oh, and I just made two examples! There are many more. Think of it ;) those are not little things, those affects your whole life. Religions affects whole populations, whole ages without letting the people to reason with an open mind.

I don' t think it' s a problem we went off topic, no one seems to really care about this article ( indeed really unnecessary ), thanks for the chat!

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Pedobear Rocks4540d ago

Afrika just should have been marketed at a 20$ download instead of a full title imo.

Godmars2904540d ago

Afrika maybe, who's forgotten about Lair and especially Haze?

Though given that they were made for the system Afrika and Liar are the only PS3-only titles. Haze was developed as a multi.

4540d ago Replies(3)
Sharingan_no_Kakashi4540d ago

I still play lair. Thought it was awesome. Doubt they'd make a sequel but I've been hoping for another dragon flight game for a while.

Seraphemz4540d ago

I played Lair after the patch and I really liked the game....a lot

MysticStrummer4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

Shhh... This writer wants to pretend there was no patch. The Six Axis controls took some getting used to, and this generation of gamers wants instant gratification (See Call of Duty as a prime example), but with practice the game was quite playable as it was. With the patch it was much easier because of the more traditional controls. Not a bad game at all. This list is actually pretty awesome, considering Afrika was really mostly a tech demo that got limited release. I wanted it but never imported or saw it on the shelves here. Haze was a big letdown, but as someone above said it was developed as a multiplat. If this is the best they can do for a "worst" list, it says a lot about the quality of PS3 software.

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anast29d ago

Great system, I still have one.

PrimeVinister29d ago

Me too!
I have an OG model and a PS One.
Of all the classic games on it, I end up playing PES 2 and F1 97 most though 🤣

anast28d ago

xD Nice. I get into Metal Gear on mine.

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@Anast MGS is such a classic. I played it to death back in the day and beat it a few times recently.

I never had a DualShock back in the day so it was cool to FINALLY see the controller walk under Psycho Mantis' control. I also loved being able to easily walk quietly instead of the tapa tapa tapa on the D-pad 😎