Smackdown! Vs. RAW '08 Demo Goes Live

The demo for the latest WWE wrestling game, Smackdown! Vs. RAW 2008, is about to hit the marketplace. This gives gamers a chance to experience and test out this years premier wrestling game.

The article contains the official press release from THQ stating the demo is currently on Live. It's believed this press release was leaked early as gamers have yet to find the demo.

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vgn244477d ago

They report things they know nothing about. I love that some kids actually reported an official press release from THQ as fake. So now THQ posts fake press releases? LMFAO

sak5004477d ago

The headline is a little misleading but if u read the paragraph it says its about to hit live. I was just on live and its still not there so hoping that it is on its way.

vgn244477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

THQ sent out the press release this morning. And the press release says it's on now. No clue what the deal is.

Plus, it's pretty silly to say a press release from a publisher is fake. That's just immaturity and not knowing to check the sources. Instead, most people just report fake because they saw someone else do it. It's typical n4g. The place is run by kids and fanboys. (obviously I mean by the contributors)

vgn244477d ago

Another genius just reported it for having an exclamation point in the title. Classic! It's part of the title.

N4G really needs to clean up this site and be stricter about who becomes a contributor.

BloodySinner4477d ago

Yeah, there are too many retards running this place.