Lair pushed back in Europe once more

Sony today revealed in its newest release schedule for Europe that Factor 5's Lair has been pushed back in Europe once more. The game has been available since early August in America but the game was already delayed for Europe. The game was planned for a release on October 19. Sony today revealed that Lair won't hit European stores until November 16. A reason for the delayment was not given, although rumors suggest Factor 5 may be drastically improving the control scheme.

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andy0014478d ago

If they are spending this extra time to tidy up some of the issues raised from the US version that would be cool. I had this down as a rental to see if I liked it.

lilwingman4478d ago

Though delays suck, and there's currently a lot of them with the PS3, if they're adding Analog controls than European gamers have a lot to look forward too and in this case the wait will be well worth it. Though I thought the SixAxis controls were bearable, having the choice would have been tremendously appreciated.

masterg4478d ago

Wow I had no idea this game was not here yet.
Didn't even know I had ordered the US version on eBay.
Go figure.

power0919994478d ago

I couldn't imagine any other reason to delay a finished game.

Well assuming they fix the control scheme than EU should be in for a 7.5/10 game.

This game is pretty good. I actually enjoyed it controls aside. I will admit though, I would of liked it better if I had analog control.

AngryHippo4478d ago

.....don't bother releasing it. Really lost interest in this game since all the bad reviews and publicity. I hope that they do change the controls and implement analogue stick use, if they do that then this may just be worth a look.

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The story is too old to be commented.