FYC Review – Mortal Kombat

Feed Your Console says:

When Mortal Kombat hit arcades back in 92, my friends and I were in awe. Never before had we seen a game display so much blood and over the top violence with no appology. It also featured a never seen before in a fighting game called fatalities. Insanely violent and hilarious finishing moves – Eat your heart out Street Fighter. We were instantly hooked and that game ate up our quarters but as the years droned on, the franchise lost much of its lustre despite the ever increasing cast members. There just seemed to be too much focus on fatalities, babalities, arena specific finishers instead of keeping the game fresh and interesting. Despite a few attempts at regenerating interest in the series, the game was old and tired.

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fluffydelusions4365d ago

No name sites always putting up first reviews breaking embargo.

Pozzle4365d ago

It's Tuesday in some parts of the world, so technically they haven't broken it.

Mystickay864365d ago

Well, this site gave it only 1 cons, which really isn't a con, where it says "Overwhelming number of moves to memorize for casual gamers (Hardcore fans will love it)"

9/10 if it only gave it one con. Otherwise, I had a blast with the demo, and convinced MK is back to it's roots once again!

LOGICWINS4365d ago

"Overwhelming number of moves to memorize for casual gamers"

I disagree. I'm not even a fighting game fan, but the MK demo converted me. I found the moves to be very easy to remember and within an hour I was pulling off insane combos. In MK9, its pretty easy for a casual player to become really good. It just requires a little practice. The learning curve is much more forgiving than Super Street Fighter 4.

RedDead4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

Honestly I would normally choose Portal over Mortal Kombat games, I honestly think this one is one of the best fighters i've ever played. I always thought it would be great, the demo gets played every day now, i'm itching for more characters and the challenge tower. I am skipping every other game this month and next month for this game, this is what I cose out of the excellent lineup these months.

Ramrom4365d ago


I can't wait to play this!