New details for Pandora's Tower (Similar to Zelda in some ways)

It's very possible that someone died (or was cursed to eat raw beast meat) to deliver these early impressions of Nintendo's new Wii action RPG.

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Shok4049d ago

Sounds good. Mixture between Zelda and GOW.

PygmelionHunter4049d ago

I am positive it would sound a lot better if they announced an international release! You hearing that, Nintendo?

AWBrawler4049d ago

GOW? NO! I see more of Zelda meets TOS has a baby with it and that offspring fuses with the good parts of Rygar

SovereignSnaKe4049d ago

-This IS or IS NOT coming to North America??? D:

Otheros004049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

You forgot to add "with characters traced and stole from Nomura's work". The proof is in the cover.

Chidori4049d ago

Thats the typical generic look of any cool guy character drawn in Japan.

Otheros004049d ago

But they never look like they were traced. If you look at his ear they are exactly the same. Which two people in this world draws the exact same ear?