Microsoft planning another Xbox 360 price cut?

Now that Sony is almost ready to reveal its plans to release a 40GB version of its Playstation 3 console in early November in the US and cutting the price of the 80GB version again, it looks like Microsoft already has some plans to counter the Playstation 3 price cut. According to Spanish retailers Microsoft is planning another price cut, to keep the original price gap between the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 intact, or maybe even enlarge it. Sony earlier revealed it will be launching a 40GB PS3 in October in Euope for only 399 euros, and cutting the 60GB Starter Pack from 599 to 499 euros.

According to some Spanish stores Microsoft is planning to cut the price of the Xbox 360 Premium and Elite. The price cut would bring the Xbox 360 Premium to a price of 299 euros, and the Elite to 399 euros. This means both packs will have a 50 euros price cut. This would make the Elite as expansive as the new 40GB PS3. Off course this is just a rumor, but it could always happen. Microsoft is still tight lipped on this rumor.

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Alvadr4020d ago

399EURO is £271. Which is only a price drop of £28.

If they threw in a copy of Bioshock or Halo I would deffinatly pick one up for that price. Otherwise I will wait until they drop it to £230.

4020d ago
cloud3604020d ago

Sony Soldeiers. Admit it. You are really somone like the Mart/

Stop disgusing youself as a PS3 fan

You are just being annoying in the end. Instead of persuading people to like the PS3. You are not promoting it. It just shows how much of an annoying

Alvadr4020d ago

@ SonySoldier

I already have a PS3. I love it, PS3 will always be my first choice for games and Im looking forward to the awesome exclusive on the horizon.

But why would I deny myself playing games like GoW/Halo/Mass Effect/Bioshock when the 360 is dirt cheap. =)

ChibiSelz4020d ago

sonysoldeirs your a disgrace to ps3 fans wtf are you doing

seriously stfu i mean im a ps3 fanboy but looking at you your really desperate Chill and let then guy do what he wants

SmokeyMcBear4020d ago

jesus guys, can't you see that sonysoldiers is just a xtroll sheep? He is doing it to give ps3 backers a bad image just take away his bubbles so we can all ignore him. Its just like the sony protection group or whatever that site was that wii60 or whatever started.

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ceedubya94020d ago

Its in Microsoft's best interest to keep the price gap between the 360 and the PS3 as wide as possible. The price difference was one of the biggest advantages of the 360, and that is not something that Microsoft should be greedy about and toy around with.

PimpHandHappy4020d ago

thats what im talking about. I want the Elite but im waiting for a price cut and you had to know it was coming after the 40GB. Now if they get that Elite to around 350 im getting it! Ive been saying Jan-Feb is when im getting it.

PS360WII4020d ago

Not only would it be good to counter Sony but another price cut from the 360 would also have to push Nintendo into making a price cut as well.

PimpHandHappy4020d ago

MS has lost 3.9 billion dollars since launch on there 360. All those ppl that have said Sony looked desperate with this price cut should really be eating crow when this becomes fact on the Elite!

ceedubya94020d ago

They have had a number of price drops within its first year of release. They would not have possibly survived if things had stayed as they initially were. They HAD to drop prices or risk losing all out. Do you really think they wouldn't have introduced this 40 gb model if everything was nice and rosey in Sonytown?

SlippyMadFrog4020d ago

I don't think we can label any company as desperate because of a price cut because there is a lot information we don't have. Maybe the production costs went down a lot and they can stil maintain the same cost/sell ratio, who knows.

Sez 4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

"Not surprisingly, the company cited that its overall $563 million USD loss - the company's biggest quarterly loss in four years -- can be directly attributed to costs associated with the PlayStation 3 console. The company's Games division witnessed a $1.9 billion USD loss." Sony's gaming division has historically been what's clawed it out of the hole, and for the first time in a long while, (due in no small part to the high cost of PS3 production) the division isn't doing particularly well..Sony Corp. will sell about 332 billion yen ($2.9 billion) of shares in its insurance unit in Japan's biggest initial public offering this year, raising funds for the consumer electronics and games divisions."

poopface14020d ago

the elite doesnt cont that much more than premium to make, just a bigger HD and that is cheap.

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