Can Nintendo really keep covering up the 3DS’s disappointing system sales?

"There have been plenty of negativity surrounding the 3DS’ failure to really ignite in terms of sales, yet Nintendo has remained positive throughout – as you’d expect. But are the latest 3DS system sales figures from the US just too much for Nintendo to cover up?"

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fluffydelusions3442d ago

Hrm, I wouldn't be too disappointed with those numbers.

disgaeapuchi3442d ago

Me neither, to be fair, even if it's a shame even iPad 2 (which is bound to have some crossover in terms of potential buyers of both 3DS and itself from the expanded audience) outsold it.

Though I'm sure Nintendo expected more - I remember they said they wanted a "feeding frenzy" in Europe, which didn't happen (they sold about half their initial shipment), for example, and the system sold out in Japan at launch (with about 600,000 units for the launch weekend).

darthv723442d ago

unless you are a spinster and trying to make a big thing out of nothing.

3ds is a fine piece of hardware and will get the games people want to play. It happens every time a new unit gets released. people will criticize it until they get one and then its the cats meow.

Or do people not want to believe that?

ChrisW3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

In Japan, the Tohoku coastal region is in ruins and there's a nuclear reactor leak that's forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes. Not to mention, much of extra spending money is going to aid the survivors.

With all that in mind, I'd say those sales for Japan are damn impressive!!!

Also, sales are always slow in other countries when a new Gameboy comes out. People aren't as quick to buy the latest and the greatest as they are in Japan.

ComboBreaker3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Those numbers are pretty disappointing. There is no denying that. :D

Kee3442d ago

I wouldn't be disappointed either.. They've done well considering their launch titles are pretty much all ports. Bring out the big guns, Nintendo- Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. Those games sell systems.

Menech3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

It's there best selling launch handheld ever I honestly am failing to see the disappointment.

Once Zelda is released if the 3DS sales are still going slow then am prepared to have this conversation.

The 3DS has a horrible launch line up, once the real games hit the system will be flying off the shelves.

I know 4 friends waiting for Zelda to launch before they buy the 3DS, there must be tons of people out there like them.

Shang-Long3442d ago

ya disappointing numbers would be the psp go
this is just below expectation that's all

RBLAZE19883442d ago

perhaps people are finally waking up and realizing nintendo gauges their wallets with old ass tech and remakes the same games every gen to move software and hardware. This is definetly the kick that nintendo is in need of. They have been dropping the ball for years now and the sad thing is that their behavior was rewarded by millions of sales of shovelware and over priced hardware.

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disgaeapuchi3442d ago

Probably because it didn't sell anywhere near the initial allocation. Though Nintendo did hint they didn't want any shortages, but when there's a few thousand unsold units there has to be something a bit wrong. Mind you, the sales figures were for a couple of days (until early April), so it's probably sold pretty well so far in April!

Still, it's disappointing it didn't outsell the iPad 2. I was actually hoping it would have.

-Alpha3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Yep, perhaps a little too much hype, especially when we read about it selling out in like 15 minutes in Japan

But this doesn't mean it's selling poorly or that sales are disappointing. It's foolish to think that Nintendo is in any sort of trouble or that these sales are indicative of any sort of doom

oldjadedgamer3442d ago

Nintendo had an initial shipment of 4 million. iirc, world wide they have sold around 1.5 million.

Nintendo thought they would sell more. So it didn't meet expectations.

wwm0nkey3442d ago

Ummmmm just because there are systems in stock does not mean the sales numbers where bad, it was the best Nintendo handheld launch in US/AU history. Actually didnt it set records in AU?

theafroman3442d ago

Who said it was disappointing? Nintendo did not want to repeat what they did with the wii where it was out of stock for so long. In fact its selling really well 400,000 in just a week in NA! I dont know about you but thats really good numbers.
I can agree that it's launch game were mediocre really with super street figher 4 and pilotwing being the exception to it. But we know that quality titles are on there way Zelda in June and a few more that will be pretty cool.

disgaeapuchi3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

It did indeed sell pretty okay, but this is evidence against how they wanted it to be in stock (they were aiming for a launch day "feeding frenzy", at least in Europe):

So it was probably disappointing for Nintendo that they didn't get a feeding frenzy, with 3DSes on the shelves in Europe. Not sure about America, though, but that's definitely the case for Nintendo of Europe/the United Kingdom, if that makes sense!

theafroman3442d ago

I just read that and they shipped a total of 180,000 units thats no where near wii level. Keep in mind all that nintendo did with the wii in 2006 a lot of ads on TV remember ''wii would like to play''? the interviews and saying that everyone can play with this device?
Keep in mind it's launch window as well it was in late march not November thats usually when consoles are release to big numbers. Keep in mind Nintendo said they would like if the device to sell like the wii but they dint execute that plan.

Shok3442d ago

Could've swore it set records in the US and other places.

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