Infiltrating Kojima Productions: Ryan Payton Talks Metal Gear Solid 4

Gamasutra spoke to Ryan Payton, assistant producer at Kojima Productions in Tokyo, and discuss design and narrative decisions of the series has taken, the significance of the title, and just what an American developer can bring to the table in Japan. Ryan Payton has revealed that there are over 200 developers working to complete Metal Gear Solid 4 for PlayStation 3, also commenting on the game's use of DualShock 3.

"But the game is definitely under a lot of pressure, because the way things are turning out, this could be the first 'must have' PlayStation 3 title on store shelves. Or, if not the first, then the second or the third. So, in that sense, there's a lot relying on it. People at Sony know that, and we've got literally 200 guys working on this title, day and night, making sure that it's perfect."

"This will be the premiere DualShock 3 supporting game coming out within the next six months. Gran Turismo 5 is, I'm sure, going to be impressive, but we've got some things that I can't talk about that people are going to really dig."

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Skerj4480d ago

Q1 2008 can't come soon enough.

lonestarmt4480d ago

agreed! I just wish that some publishers whould just see that there are normally 0 must have games during the summer, and if they just release thier game during that time they should get twice as much numbers and attention. Now this game I want so freaking bad I'm not welling to wait till then.

shodown194480d ago

Kojima and crew always implement a surprise in each MGS title. It's surprising in the sense that even though you're expecting something, it still catches you off guard.

Interesting thing is that MGS is being developed by over 200 employeees. Quite impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that Killzone 2 is being developed to close the same amount of people.

That alone gives me the impression that Sony knows that 2008 is a do or die year for them and their money and resources are being spent in the right place after all. Which is development and games.

Vojkan4480d ago

"Even the 360 sales, you're disappointed in?

RP: Absolutely. I think overall they had loftier expectations for the 360. And so I think Metal Gear Solid 4 could really be a big turning point for next-gen gaming as a whole. Of course we have the next-gen sound, we have the next-gen graphics, but it really is about the next-gen gameplay that's going get people excited. And get them to throw down 300, 400, 500 dollars for a new console. So yeah, that's a big burden, because a lot of games aren't pushing that. They're putting in the next-gen graphics, next-gen sound, but the gameplay's staying the same. And that's a problem. "

And now stupid fanboys will go "OMG 300 bucks? Than he means it is on 360 also? I knew it all along, i told you hahaah, i wont but it since i am not into MGS but i told you this is also for 360"

Or some similar crap.

shodown194480d ago

I agree. You do have a point and I can definately see those who are begging for a 360 port of this game to exaggerate this loophole in that particular comment.

I'll definately mark a mental note that Vojkan said this first when I start seeing the 360 fanboys in particular using this as ammunition during the debate.

Me personally though. I could care less if it goes to 360 or not.

goodganja4480d ago

Let em think it's coming to 360. Nothing more satisfying in knowing that PS3 is getting the better exclusives and the exclusives that Red Ringers would die for.


P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Skerj4480d ago

Please for the love of jeebus don't talk them up, it's bad enough every topic on N4G turns into a fanboy eff-fest we don't need this one to do the same.

poopface14480d ago

Im a big metal gear fan cant wait for this game. Always wanted to learn about the patriots after mgs2(without ryden) to bad I dont have ps3 to play it on :.(