Pachter: Sep. Games Sales Up 47% on Halo 3

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that Halo 3 acted as a catalyst for bumper software sales through September, with Microsoft the obvious beneficiary in terms of moving games and Xbox 360 hardware.

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Zhuk4489d ago

And this will only continue through the holidays as the Xbox 360 rides the waves of AAA exclusives such as Halo 3, Bioshock, PGR 4 and Mass Effect plus many other quality titles that look and play the best on Xbox 360.

The PS3 will be left behind these holidays and everyone knows it

P4KY B4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

Nobody has bought a 360 for a christmas present as of yet. That will start next month.

And non-gamers will finally sit up and take notice of the potential that games have when Mass Effect is released.

Meus Renaissance4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

Unfortunately I left my crystal ball at home so I can't predict the future today, but although the 360 is a great bet to sell very well this holiday I think the PS3 could potentially do alot better than anyone expects consider the price gap between the two consoles is practically non-existent in some areas, and other areas dropping significantly.

Great games coming out on it too and with its brand name, could be close between the two.

ItsDubC4489d ago

The 360 will do great this holiday season, but I think the chances of Mass Effect bringing in a significant amount of non-gamers is very slim. I just don't think the gameplay of Mass Effect would appeal to non-gamers, who tend to enjoy quick spurts of gaming rather than marathon sessions in front of the TV.

PopEmUp4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

There is no reason why Halo 3 can't any do good this holiday, but however it will be a surprise to see if Halo 3 can move the console dramatically as it would when it was release in the late September this years. There are lot of reasons why consumers will be fear to buy Halo 3 but I won't name cause you all know the negative side of it but I will name the Positive side of it, that consumers will mostly buy it and that is; The Big Franchise, The highly anticipate game of the year (AAA games), the best games on the X-box 360, one of the best online game, one of the best replay games and most of all large fanbase that it's put this game into a position where consumer will more likely to purchase it, but even though with a positive side of this, people will still be fear to purchase it and that relate to x-box 360 negative feedback from x-box 360 owners around the world including the media that has spread all the negative during the time.

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AngryHippo4489d ago

.....for Microsoft, i feel they deserve to be number 1 this generation, since they are releasing AAA title after AAA title, i have not once regreted my purchase and only have promising things to look forward to on the console over Christmas and through 2008. Good times ahead for all.

OatLoops4489d ago

I hope it at least gets close to the Wii in sales. If it can't then I have no idea what other "catalyst" will help it.

ceedubya94489d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft will have their own advantages throughout the holiday season. Its very possible that the sales of both the 360 and the PS3 will be about even this time around. However, that would still put the 360 at the advantage as it already has the lead over the PS3. Even still, the Wii will probably outsell them both. That is, if Nintendo can actually keep enough in stores to satisfy demand.

OatLoops4489d ago

I think they'll be about even as well. Especially since a PS3 is going to be $399 here. Heck, the majority of 360 consoles were sold at that price.

Double-Edged4489d ago

Halo3 did it's Job
BioShock did its Job
Gears Did its Job
Mass Effect will surely do it's Job.

damn homie.