Next Generation previews Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

As the release of Mercenaries 2 draws ever closer, a new hands-on preview by Next Generation shows that there are a few clouds on the (destructible) horizon:

"There's certainly nothing wrong with Mercenaries 2 from a technical or visual standpoint – everything collapses in a chunky, crumbly manner and looks reasonably authentic while it does so. Perhaps it's more that the game is devoted purely to destruction, and the world of Mercenaries 2 has obviously been built to be destroyed. At times, it feels more like you're facing dominos than houses.

Of course, the destruction works as it should, and sometimes spectacularly so: bridge supports can be taken out, trees can be burned, houses can be blown out and entire towns can be flattened with airstrikes. But perhaps there's an overriding sense of ennui: despite the bigger bangs, bigger crashes and bigger draw distance, it's all just a little familiar."

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QuackPot4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Did someone say Halo 3? No complaints there with the fans nor with M2.

better vehicles, destructable environment & sandbox gameplay.

better version of Mercenaries.

Sh1t M2 has my money for sure.

This game deserves more credit. I just hope GG are watching for gameplay ideas for KZ2.

Captain Tuttle4111d ago

You need to get out more man.