Video Game Online Passes Suck And We'll Tell You Why

GPT: "It's not exactly a shocking discovery to realize that Electronic Arts has become something of a corporate monster in this generation of gaming consoles. While ulterior (profit) motives obviously exist behind most of their actions, I simply cannot keep up with who the “bad guy” is anymore."

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GunShotEddy2831d ago

I hate this BS. Just one more way companies can get more money form us.

rdgneoz32830d ago

Yah, it is BS that if I buy a game new I have to buy an online pass for it... Oh wait, it comes free with a new game... If people want to be cheap and get a game used, don't expect to get everything for like half price. Play some PC games like MMOs where you can't trade them in at all since they have activation codes.

"Just one more way companies can get more money form us."
First off, "from". 2nd, you didn't give the developers money in the first place by buying the game new, you gave your money to gamestop or such, so that's probably the only money you gave them.

"I work at GameStop"
'And I'm angry cause you're taking away our used business by including onlne passes, so I'm gonna write an article bashing buying new games since most people will agree without reading more than two sentences or just the title.'

As for overpriced DLC, yah its annoying as hell. The costumes and such are not too much of a problem because they have no affect on the gameplay at all.

Roper3162830d ago

People who buy used games suck let me tell you why!

Because used games do not support the dev, publisher or the gaming community that is why!

coryok2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

i pretty much always wait for a price drop, i dont buy 60$ games anymore unless i know im going to enjoy them for a good amount of time. the problem with that is that most stores generally dont carry games after theyve had a pricedrop. i look on websites and its telling me a used copy is 4 miles away from me while the closest new copy is 95 miles away, well shit, im getting the used copy

it seems like more and more now im picking up a game, playing it for 4ish hours and its over. sure some of them have an online part, but seriously, i dont need online for all of my games, it doesnt really give me any value when the games online is exactly the same as cod

i also, generally, dont buy dlc, i think its a rip off. they give us like an hour of gameplay and charge us 10$ for it, hell psn has hour long demos of lots of games, if i wanted to play for an hour i would download one of those