Japan Anxiously Waiting For Lost Odyssey

The Bitbag writes, "Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series and Blue Dragon, has a new fantasy coming to Japan this Christmas. Lost Odyssey is Microsoft's new ace in the land of the rising sun. Blue Dragon, Sakaguchi's last 360 RPG, went on to sell 198,000 copies. All 10,000 of the Blue Dragon bundles sold out when they went on sale. So who's to say there's no market in Japan for Microsoft's Xbox 360?"

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FirstknighT4112d ago

This will beat out every Xbox and Xbox 360 as the best game to impact the Japanese market. I don't expect Nintendo sales but it will surely be the highest sales seen in Japan for an Xbox game.

Makroyale4112d ago

But don't kid anyone... That's not saying much...

PikkonX4112d ago

I thought Lost Odyssey was getting a simultaneous worldwide release. Guess that has changed.

RadientFlux4112d ago

nope the North American release has been pushed back to Feb. Not a big delay but still sucks for people who were waiting to play a new JRPG.

PS360WII4112d ago

That's Last Remanet from Square Enix that's getting the worldwide release... supposedly

Yea I'm looking forward to this but like always we need to wait for Japan to get the RPG loving first. Ah well I understand as a whole they buy into those games a whole lot more than over here. Sad the way our priorities differ.

Zhuk4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Only Xbox 360 gives gamers the opportunity to experience Hironobu Sakaguchi's latest classic RPG title Lost Odyssey which will bring his ability to produce the best RPG's with Nobuo Uematsu's brilliant music to the most powerful next gen platform.

I for one can't wait till the western release of Lost Odyssey in early 2008.

AllroundGamer4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

"most powerful next gen platform" with last gen DVD drive... it will be a nice discotheque :D

chrno4112d ago

and blue dragon flopped, as in it has a horrbile story...u don't play much jrpg do u?

whatthehell4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

chrno - you don't play many jrpgs either do you? if you did then you'd realize the best jrpgs ever made are by sakaguchi/Uematsu. their last 'dream project' was chrono trigger and i'm pretty sure that's one of the best jrpgs ever made.

@allforcalisto. why is it that you think ffxiii will bury lost odyssey? oh right, because it's called final fantasy, which means absolutely nothing. when the best people who made the best final fantasy games aren't making it. the only people still hyping final fantasy XIII are the posers who were introduced to final fantasy late in series, in the post-cd/post-cgi cut scene days and think they know jrpgs. the best final fantasy games were 6 and 3, followed by 7. those 3 games are the reasons why people count down the days for the next final fantasy game. except now there's really no reason to wait for the next final fantasy game, the people who made the original games are making lost odyssey.

lonestarmt4112d ago

ALL 10,000? please thats not a lot. Blue dragon actually didn't sell that well. Considering that most ps2,psp, wii, DS, sell more in thier first couple of weeks then that has total thats not selling a lot. Lost oddessey does look good and seems to be more on track to be big in america too, buts lest not kid ourselves blue dragon wasn't a success.

tordavis4111d ago

...but it went on to double sales expectations. It was not a failure.

BlazinEurasian4112d ago

I hate when people use VGchartz numbers to make a point.

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