Sony Begins PS3 Offensive

Following months of unbearable silence, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is at last on the offensive, with a PS3 PR campaign now hitting game magazines and websites across the Pacific. Sadly, the updates in the likes of Famitsu Weekly and Dengeki PlayStation and on sites like Impress Watch and have been devoid of new information, but with the flood gates opening, we're sure new details will begin to emerge on the 27 PS3 games set to be playable at the late September Tokyo Game Show.

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joemutt5374d ago

Where is the 100 million fanbase waiting on a PS3?? I know, it wasnt really that much but with that price tag, they better start something because right now they are just a joke.

USMChardcharger5374d ago

anyone know the exact date of the tokyo game show?

achira5374d ago

let the war begin. lol

kingboy5374d ago

TGS show`s coming nuttin can`t stop it now

xrobbanx5374d ago

It has been here for quite awhile now and nothing can stop the 360 ! :) Not even the PS3 piece of mockup full of lies ! I feel sorry for those who have waited but on the other hand they are no real games if they where they would have enjoyed the MS power house.

achira5374d ago

do you mean ms lies ? the ps3 will kick as your crapbox, but you are so dumb you will not notice it.

TheMART5374d ago

Ok, we do a little game.

I give a Sony lie, you give a MS lie. We go on and sees who lies the most.

2 x HDMI on every PS3?

Ken Kutaragi5374d ago

Yes my Fanboy Child.... nothing can stop SONY now...(except for a couple million fryed batteries) My Gri--- POS3 dev kits will prevail at the Tokyo Game Show... we will also demonstate a cooking seminar with the POS3's "GrillStation(C) Copyright Sony Corp."

Lewcmo Ehcnga... my new motto!

DJ5374d ago

you must have a sad, sad life if you pretend to be Ken Kutaragi. What, you go up to women and say "Hey, I'm Ken K. baby. Betta rekignize, yo!" =P

Marriot VP5374d ago

lol, like chappelle's show DJ....betta recognize

Ken Kutaragi5371d ago

Actually DJ, thats how I met Kaz... I was on the offensive!