How To Open your NAT for Halo 3 Guide

If you play Halo 3 and see something saying your NAT is not open then you'll need this Guide.

Go check it out.

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Phish4025d ago

The way that he wrote that is more confusing than it needs to be. It looks like you just need to open up port 3074 (TCP) and Ports 80 & 3074 (UDP) to the 360.

gta_cb4025d ago

yes it is that simple, or you can just enable something called UPnP which most routers have. this will open the ports when they are needed and will result in your network NAT being "OPEN" on your Xbox 360 =D

binard3284025d ago

But then I chose not to. Thanks Phish!

JustInTlME4025d ago

well here is my question, because i have wanted to do this for a while. How can i open my connection when I have 3 Xbox 360's on my Connection??? I only want the 360's open not any of my computers.

ARBitrator4025d ago

Just open up the port(s) on your router and manually block them in you computers. If you are using windows xp, just go to your security center. By default windows xp (with service packs) should be already blocking these ports.

Another way to block it would be to go the the properties on your LAN card, then properties under TCP/IP, advanced tab and use TCP/IP filtering there.

tariqs24025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

well i think it is pritty easy to use u just new and put the name and the ports in and apply then add save settings