Five new shots emerge from the Haze

Free Radical's always bashed the right nerve with its TimeSplitters FPS series, which is why CVG are all over Haze like a rash.

New screenshots, including snaps of the shooter's co-op mode, are on this page and demanding your attention.

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S1D3 EFFEC74480d ago


I looks good not zOMG ITs teh Awezomes!

masterg4480d ago

Honestly... I love my PS3 more than my 360.

But I have to admit that this looks like it's in the same disappointing graphics that we saw in Halo 3.
Still buying it though because I have so much faith in Free Radical.

Douche4479d ago

Co-op is gonna rock. I like how they'll let you PIP the three other players you are with online just to see how they are doing. ZOMG, this is gonna be insane. I don't care to show my excitement when the lot of you guys who are disagreeing really don't have a PS3 and won't get to play this. Tough.

Imalwaysright4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Not bad but not the best it doesnt impress me at all

Lol someone disagreed with me. You should take a look at UT, COD, killzone and Crysis before hitting the disagree button.

xhi44480d ago

looks mighty fine, but not 'WOW HOLY CRAP' material like Uncharted or Ratchet or Killzone 2 or MGS4 or UT3, you know what i mean?

By the way, sorry for blurting out so many names I said one, then i'm like okay I can't leave this one out etc.

But yer it looks like a solid good game, just graphically not 'WOW I THINK I JUST SHAT MY PANTS' material.

Ju4480d ago

Amazing enough for me. You should probably go with some videos instead, eg: Take a real close look at the plants and the density of the jungle

or maybe here: (2 weeks old), look at the smoke in the beginning, or the waterfall. Or the smoke of the weapon after a gun shot, when the barrel cools down. Little subtle nuances, not visible immediately, but subtle details you recognize in a "natural" environment.

Devr4480d ago

Looking very sharp. Hopefully it'll turn out great.

gamesblow4480d ago

Anone else see those not so life like canyons in the last pic? Wow, those are an eye sore for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.