Tim Sweeney says memory is all you need

With both G92 and RV670 coming out in different variations (256, 512 and overclocked 1GB SKUs) during November, The Inquirer wanted to hear what is the engine guru behind Unreal Engine 3 going to say.

Two major titles from Epic are coming out now, Gears of War for PC and Unreal Tournament 3, mega-titles that are also going to be on market in November. When asked about the amount of video memory, here is what Tim stated:

"In Unreal Tournament 3 and Gears of War for PC, there is a significant gain in having 512MB of video memory rather than 256MB. So, first and foremost, get at least a 512MB card if you can afford it. If you haven't maxed out your budget, then go for the maximum single-card performance that doesn't require extreme cooling, e.g. buy an entry-level GeForce 8800 over a GeForce 8600."

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bym051d4026d ago

So get as much memory and as fast of a card as you can. Thanks there, Nostradamus.

supermandead6664025d ago

512MB over 256MB

GeForce 8800 over GeForce 8600

No sh#t sherlock, i don't need a f#ckin' genius to tell me that.

mighty_douche4025d ago

8800GTS 640mb

@1650x1080 all maxed out settings and it runs sweet as a nut.

nanometric4025d ago

This won't end well... Not long before it turns into an 360/PS3 memory comparison led by Martyboy!

Anti-Flame suit, ON!

Proxy4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

I think we should start discussing whether the Genesis' "Blast Processing" makes it better than the SNES. It would be about as relevant as nit-picking over the smallest details regarding ram.

It's funny, while the console owners argue over their differing arangements of 512mb ram, PC owners are watching thinking "Meh, I have more ram than you if I only count the ram on my GPU alone; and thats not even getting into the 4 gigs I have on my mother board." You may say those 4 gigs are used by the OS, but Vista only takes about 600 mb in my experiance.

Turns out:
.7 gig + 3.2 gig > .5 gig

Let the war continue. It's very important to figure out which of the two inferior techs are better; that is, between the SNES and Genesis, of course. ;)

Bullseye4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

that for ages now i and a few others have been suggesting the major restriction in both of the next gen consoles is the limited RAM. For this we have been ridiculed by the fanboys, and told It's not true. Then along comes this guy, saying essentially the same thing, but for PC's.And now all of a sudden, its a no brainer! Hypocrites, the lot of ya!
I see some one has been bubble bashing again! grOW UP or give up gaming.If you have the courage to do either!

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