IGN: Rage's Unique Co-op and Multiplayer

id Software pioneered the first-person shooter and the online features that typically come along with them. Indeed, the Texas-based developer invented the ubiquitous the term "deathmatch," which gives it some serious credibility when it comes to the online offerings that will appear in each game it creates.

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Active Reload3719d ago

I don't know what to say is the summary:

Online deathmatches are vehicular only and the games other online offering is co-op. I'm SLIGHTLY disappointed...

multipayer3719d ago

It does seem odd, but a traditional deathmatch would have probably ended up like a Doom clone anyway and Doom 4 is not finished.

ABizzel13719d ago

I'm kind of glad it's something different. It separates itself from all other shooters that way, but there should have been a shooter mode for multiplayer as well.

The only real problem I have is that it's only for 6 players. I think multiplayer should at least be 8.

Rage just moved up a bit on my "games to look out for list".

despair3719d ago

I like it, they plan completely different experiences between SP and MP and that I can get behind.

InTheKnow3719d ago

When some one says something like " whats best for Rage " as a way of defining the multi-player, it can't be a good thing. It usually means you can expect a cop out in some way. They said the same thing about Bulletstorm and look how that turned out.

A game about crazy, over the top enemies and weapons NEEDS to have a deathmatch ( on foot players ) mode and I would say a firefight/horde mode.

Things have changed since Doom and the sooner these guys stop talking about the past and embrace the future, the better off they will be. Gears is launching at the same time and Gears 3 is packed full with Co-op, Horde and deathmatch multi-player. I think they should move the launch to the first week in October. I also think it's absolutely crazy that Uncharted 3 is going up against COD and Battlefield in November.

DigitalRaptor3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

RAGE is primarily a single-player game. id Software knows this; the gamers who are looking forward to it know this. The multiplayer is an added bonus and it's up to the developers to do what they think is right. You can't say it's wrong until you have seen enough details to make that judgement.

In all honesty, can you really see RAGE as being the type of game for "on-foot" deathmatch, when the main enemies in the game are mutants? Hardly...

And there are no 'maps' per-se. The game world is one entire connected wasteland as far as we've seen. You've got to wonder how that sort of deathmatch would work. Trudging through miles and miles of wasteland and run-down buildings... that sounds extreme and unpleasant. Vehicular combat sounds unique and fitting for a game like RAGE. It could add another dimension to the overall experience.

Should Portal 2 have included online deathmatch? Play against Gabe? No. The meat & potatoes is in the single-player and the co-op is a complimentary experience.

You do realise it's not always about THE COMPETITION, but creating a unique product you are proud of and think pushes the boundaries. Just because we're living in a generation of hugely popular online gaming, doesn't mean it's do or die for developers.

And Uncharted 3 can stand on it's own. The hype for that game is much higher than you think. And if you'd seen the latest multiplayer info on UC3, and would remove this Sony/PS3 sting you always seem to have in your side, you'd know how far Naughty Dog are taking this and how high profile it can be, if Sony makes the right moves in terms of advertising.

Just because you're in love with Gears of War 3 and other third-party online shooters on 360, doesn't draw away from how great games on other platforms are.

MysticStrummer3719d ago

Shocked and chagrined. The game needs traditional deathmatches along with the other things. They could at least have Thunderdome-like arenas for stuff like that. In some games, the idea of characters having a free for all deathmatch doesn't fit. This is the type of game where that would make sense and be fun.

BubbleSniper3719d ago

i like fact deathmatch is vehical only

now for the FPS noobs 2 try somethin new

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