Folklore: Gamespot Video Review

Gamespot have posted the first part of their in-depth video review of Folklore, exclusive to PS3.

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QuackPot4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )


Last time I heard. Comics are lifeless. It's a story telling technique you idiot.

The reviewer is a joke. Even Halo's SP gameplay is very linear but it still scores 10/10.

So linear gamepay and loading are the major flaws of Folklore. Puhleeze. He's really dragging the bottom and he better remember what he said when reviewing most games out their that especially use a lot of cutscenes or FMV. are my reviewers of choice. 4/5 stars was their ranking - Great. And they had valid cons taht lost the game marks.

TheHater4478d ago

Gamespot is a joke. Enough said.

But it seem that these crackpot prefer to give average FPS with little or no story a higher rating than a game that is original in gameplay and a deep story. I agree with the and Gamespy reviews because they actually see the game for what, which is an action rpg, rather than what it is not, a average FPS.

I personally don't give a crap about reviews, but I always hated how Gamespot reviews games on the ps3. I prefer to buy a game because it look fun to me, and don't care what other may think about it. If I was to listen to reviewers on what games is good and what games is not, then I would have miss out on so many good and fun games over the pass 10 years.

harpua4478d ago

"Awww somebody needs a tissue."

We'll get you one firstknight, i guess your 360 went RROD again.

pilotpistolpete4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )


Do you ever post anythign remotely useful? I think everytime you post, the internet gets a little dumber, as well as everyone who reads them.

While the quality of this game is debatable, your blind MS loyalty is not. People will have different opinions about this game, but everyone thinks you spoon your 360 at night.

Please note that your comments only put you in negative light. Your disagrees always outweigh your agrees. Everytime. By alot. Which should tell you no one appreciate your comments, nor your presence on this site.

Go ahead and post a reply to this. Your just gonna make everyone here think even more that you spoon your 360 at night.

This site dies a little inside when your hulk avatar shows up.

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paracardium4478d ago

This game is really good and fun.. I'm on chapter 4 on ellen and Keats and it's impressive how the story draws you in.

Baba19064478d ago

damn still got to wait till wednesday in switzerland. not out yet =( cry

achira4478d ago

is out on wednesday in germany too. cant wait for it.

Meus Renaissance4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

I'm seriously becoming concerned with these peculiar rating systems for PS3 titles. I never focused on those who claimed these sites were bias by default but there does seem to be a lot of un-interest of these people for all things PS3 and seem to have a more underwhelmed, and even perhaps, negative perception towards the games.

So many games are now getting 10's when they clearly don't deserve that score. Are games just getting better and better or are people's standards dropping? Or are people slightly bias?

I was watching the 1UP video preview of Uncharted and everyone there loved it. Except one. And he was the one who was going to review it. He had a pretty much "meh" attitude and I knew straight away this game wasn't gonna get more than an 8 from them.

OatLoops4478d ago

I don't care what score they give the game, as long as they're consistent with similar titles on other platforms. With that said, Gamespot usually gives the lowest scores of all gaming sites. I don't know about bias, but there's a definite weirdness going on with PS3 game reviews. I wonder what this game would have gotten had it been exclusive to the 360 (probably an 8 or 8.5).
(Btw, I'd venture a guess that Uncharted will probably get 7's and 8's as well).

Bathyj4478d ago

I honestly thing some of these sites are judging PS3 as a Next Gen console and the bar is raised really high. Meanwhile Xbox is judged as if it was XB1.5 and anything good gets way overatted.

Disagree all you like but why are so many PS3 scores so varied? Ok if they were just crap then why wouldn't all the scores be 5. Some PS3 games like Lair get score from as low as 5 to as high as 9. Thats why I think some reviewers just have their expectations too high and should just judge the game in front of them for what it is.

Like you said, Motorstorm is still the best example of a real next gen game. Something that couldn't have been done on the previous generation and I dont just mean the graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.