UT III demo out, patched

Epic's Unreal Tournament III demo hit the internet late last Friday, and the release has been quickly followed by a patch. The update is for a Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Server 2003-related error.

"We created a fix for the game not starting up on Windows XP 64 and Windows Server 2003 systems. This patch has not undergone the same amount of QA as the released demo so I strongly encourage to ONLY replace the UT3Demo.exe with the one from the patch if you are experiencing the "Modified executable code is not allowed" issue at startup", the developer's explained in a forum post.

The patch can be downloaded via the CVG source.

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mighty_douche4020d ago

been playing this beta all weekend and i cant get enough of it, the instant respawn is a nightmare...
"ok one more.... one more... ok last one then... right now this is the last one... ok ok just one more...."

let a couple friends play it and they were the same, having to prize my mouse out of their hands before i could get back on it.

even if you havent enjoyed the previous UT's i urge you to try this beta out, i might just change your mind!

JsonHenry4020d ago

I got the demo DLed as of last night. Set every thing to max @ 1680*1050 and the game looks good, but at the same time the gameplay still feels like it is 10 years old.

Other than the vehicles, nothing new to see here kids! Move along!

VirusE4020d ago

I agree with you on the 10 year old game play. Then again I still think the game rocks. I have been playing a ton of halo 3 and so the lack of a melee button and the embarrassingly bad jumping are hard for me to adjust to. That being said I was running it at 1920x1200 with everything full blast and not only did it look amazing but it ran like a dream. The game makes up for its dated mechanics with its extreme speed and 100% perfect controls. Never have I felt so at one with a mouse and keyboard as I did while playing this game. The mouse movements just feel so right. The game is so fast paced that it really gets your adrenaline pumping. Oh yeah and the flak gun rules!!!

gw4k4020d ago

Someone needs to get the net code running right. Every single game I have been involved in has really run terrible. The lag is horrible.

Not just for me, but for everyone.
I was talking with a few people and they had never had a smooth game.

Get that worked out and they may have a game on their hands.