DS puts the PSP back in its place

The latest Japanese weekly hardware sales put the DS as the No.1 selling console. Video game hardware sales in Japan for the week ended October 7 have revealed the PSP's reign at the top to be short-lived.

Data from Media Create puts sales of the Nintendo DS up by over 14,000 units to 87,535, while the PSP sees a drop of some 16,000 units to 86,895. However, the PSP competing so closely with the Nintendo DS is a positive sign for Sony; the handheld's sales prior to the launch of the Slim & Lite were comfortably overshadowed by the Nintendo portable.

Wii sales also continue to flag, down 3,000 units to 20,704. There's not too much to concern Nintendo though, with the PS3 down to 10,446 units and the Xbox 360 barely worth mentioning with only 1,547 units sold over the week.

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Hatchetforce4485d ago

Nice try Rowland but outselling the PSP by less than a thousand units hardly puts the PSP in it's place. You either hate Sony or else are very poor at the analysis required to compose a proper news headline. Considering the last story I saw fromn you I will opt for the former. Even the story you reference talks about the close competition.

Iceman100x4485d ago

the psp is on it's way back to obscurity where it belongs.

XxZxX4485d ago

1000 less than DS, that's awesome for PSP.