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Wizziokid2799d ago

this looks sooo damn good

Crazyglues2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Dam it, Dam it -Dam it... id Software, I was hoping to have some money left over after having to buy Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3 in Pre-order -because those games are Day one buys..

And now along comes Rage -and it goes right into the Day One Column -Game looks amazing, it's like borderlands but with Amazing, and I mean AMAZING graphics.. This Game engine is a Beast..

Man if they would have used this on Battlefield 3 we would be getting a game that would look just as good as those PC videos but on Console..

OMG!! Id Software, you guys are genius.. My god that looks so good.. so fluid - Just Stunning...


Active Reload2799d ago

Yeah, it's besting a lot of games out there, especially with the 60fps on consoles too. Someone told me it's running at 60htz with no AA, I want to see more footage though.

FinalSpartan2799d ago

That looks great :D Liking the open end nature, and traveling to places with your dune buggy! At least not some linear game with awesome graphics, This is open end game with awesome graphics!

young juice2799d ago

so you can go anywhere in that city? thats incredible because the buildings look like untouchable vistas.

definately getting a buy from me.

Biggest2799d ago

Someone show me in the trailer where you see "open" anything. The movement looks completely confined and directed. If it IS open at some point, it'll be like FFXIII. I have yet to see one segment of gameplay that is open world.

Active Reload2799d ago

They haven't really showed much of the "open"ness being played on foot. But I imagine that it's there, seeing as though they did show transversing in vehicles. I'm sure you can get out to stretch your legs--it'd be a bummer if you couldn't though. It's very much a high-res textured Borderlands. We need more vids though iD...please!

Araceae2799d ago

It isn't open. It will have areas that connect (vehicle parts) a bunch of smaller (combat parts & towns) corridor/arena based areas.

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Christopher2799d ago

Looks much better than I expected. And, I like the mob diversity they showed as well.

paintsville2799d ago

Wow. This game will look and perform great on 360!!

bwazy2799d ago

No, it will look and perform great on PC. It will look and perform to industry acceptable levels on 360.

Hell I'm even surprised that 360 can hold the game. Its GOTTA be multidisc.

josh501872799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

just release the damn thing already im tired of looking at "how good it it looks" i would like to play the thing its been what 3 years now?

Finger-Eater2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Try developing a game with the graphics of RAGE that runs at 60 FPS and is open world in under 2 years. Be patient.

Silver_Faux2798d ago

Its not open world. Areas are connected as such.

Mind you I wish Borderlands 2 had these sort of graphics!

Eiffel2799d ago

Day 1, got to love iD's quality.

perfectCarbonara2799d ago

Looks like it should be fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.