The Simpsons Game - hands-on: "eeeexcellent"

Games Radar previews The Simpsons game.

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AllroundGamer4483d ago

not interested after playing the demo...

Caliber4483d ago

Same here.
I don't understand why they put out a demo that's that boring.

I thought the graphics were great, it looks like the TV show which is in 2D, but it's 3D.
But the gameplay was just boring..

riksweeney4483d ago

Two reasons why the game sucks

1. The gameplay is terrible (based upon the demo anyway, which is quite a big deal)
2. The humour is from the more recent seasons of The Simpsons (translation: it's not funny)

gamesblow4483d ago

I loved it. I'll get it for the simple fact I love the Simpsons... At best, Family guy is still the most lousy thing on tv... haha

AngryHippo4483d ago

.....Family Guy is absolutely freaking awesome. Miles better than the newer Simpsons episodes.

hardcorehippiez4483d ago

my daughter loves this so thats good news for me .that should take her away from my ps3 now so maybe ill get to play it some :)

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