A Look at Far Cry 2 Creative Director Clint Hocking's Critique of BioShock

Clint Hocking: "To cut straight to the heart of it, Bioshock seems to suffer from a powerful dissonance between what it is about as a game, and what it is about as a story. By throwing the narrative and ludic elements of the work into opposition, the game seems to openly mock the player for having believed in the fiction of the game at all. The leveraging of the game's narrative structure against its ludic structure all but destroys the player's ability to feel connected to either, forcing the player to either abandon the game in protest (which I almost did) or simply accept that the game cannot be enjoyed as both a game and a story, and to then finish it for the mere sake of finishing it".

Read on to find out more of what the Creative Director on Far Cry 2 had to say.

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mighty_douche4023d ago

if you check out some footage of FarCry 2 its easily the most advanced game out there, more so than crysis. at least this guy knows what hes talking about rather than people like us who bash games with little to no knowledge of what actually goes into building a game.

oh well, i guess we're all allowed our own opinions. and what he speaks of i can kind of relate to, even tho i really enjoyed bioshock, but for me, i think it was graphics over gameplay that kept me running back to the PC.

mistertwoturbo4023d ago

i agree with this guy. bioshock is overrated. i don't know why people keep thinking it's a "i must murder some children" for this game. it's really just not that good. as much as i'm not even a halo fan. halo 3 was even better despite it's numerous plot holes in the story.

at least in halo 3 there's a character, and everybody knows him as master chief.

in bioshock, you're just some guy. no personality. nothing.

and far cry 2 is going to kick everybody in the nuts. especially after what they achieved with crysis.

mighty_douche4023d ago

while crytech (makers of crysis) did make farcry 1 for EA they have since split and now EA has a different team working on farcry 2. both games are looking incredible if you have a GOOD pc... time to dust off that credit card.

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tony4023d ago

far cry 2 can become a good game with all the tech feature now available to this dev team, but that doesn't mean that he should go bashing publicly other game that has nothing to do with his job, which is make far cry 2. so , with that been said, he just jealous, period. did kev levine go and trash other games? the answer is no. why? cause he is not jealous of any game, at least this year. cause bioshock will be the game of the year no matter what this meat head says.

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