OPM: Killzone 2 is ahead of anything on consoles

The Official Playstation Magazine in the UK had the pleasure of recently jetting off to Amsterdam to get a world exclusive hands on with the hotly anticipated Killzone 2. Obviously as one might expect, after some time with the creators and the game itself, the OPM writers were left amazed and remarking that Killzone 2 is a 'notch ahead' of anything else being done on consoles at the moment, which is ultimately a very good thing for PS3 owners.

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xhi44481d ago

I read or watch this game I just get more and more excited!

I don't doubt OPM's claims that it is far beyond anything on consoles, I mean look at it, even the biggets xbot (besides the mart and such) can not denie how amazing the visuals are! Even Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is like this aye.

The first time I saw Killzone 2, was that CG trailer, I had no faith, I was like "nar they can't pull that off, as if, they're lying on this one". Then I watched the in-game footage...........and damn I reckon it looks better, i mean the blood, is way better, the whole thing, it just looks so immersive and real. This is one of the games I'm most looking forward to, up there with MGS4 and Alan Awake!

Genki4481d ago

look much more visceral than the 05 one, but I must admit, the only thing I envy from the '05 trailer was the texture quality. It's quite simply on a different level than what we have now, so are the particle effects, fire, and explosions for that matter.

Everything else though...rips into that '05 trailer, and harshly at that. I really hope they get the textures up to speed, along with the rest of course...b/c that trailer from 2 years ago still makes my eyes bleed.

VaNdAl4481d ago

Guerilla Games walks us through a video showing some features of Killzone 2 from Games Convention 2007.

Full anti-aliasing.
2gb of data for this level.
7.1 Dolby Surround Sound.
1st person linear peak.
Deferred rendering

Bullet hit response system.
Motion captured death animations.
Weather effects.

xhi44481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

good sir i believe you're right, the only thing this game lacks from the CG trailer was it's textures, I mean don't get me wrong Killzone 2 textures look absolutely amazing for the level of development they are at, but it's not up to speed with the CG trailer. Otherwise.......damn I'm thirsty for some Killzone 2.

OH OH OH AND has anybody heard the rumour...its a bit old but it thought I'd bring it up again, the rumour about multiplayer, and what it'd be like? If that turns out to be true.......Killzone 2 will be revolutionary.

And they havent announced any features, all they've said is here is the game, heres some small snippets, and this is what one small part of a level looks like.

And they keep on saying "omg I want to tell you so much....but I can't but we'll reveal things later". That's something I'd tell my mate if I just shagged Halle Berry but her husband said he would shoot me if I told anyone.

120 Developers working on this game, as you can see I'm working my self up and getting quite excited over this game. I think, rightly so. SO EXCITED!! :D

Evil0Angel4481d ago

2008 will be really amazng year for gamers.

JsonHenry4481d ago

Sounds awesome! Finally, something to look forward to that makes me feel like my investment in a PS3 was worth the money.

Do take note however the headline - "Killzone 2 is a 'notch ahead' of anything else being done on consoles at the moment" - why use the word consoles? Because PC gaming has been playing games like/better than this for years!!

nasim4481d ago

a single gun in KILLZONE 2 has more textures and polygons than an entire scene in Mass effect/gears.

We already knew that this game would redefine gaming.

I feel bad for x360 and wii --consoles that would be fully dead by next year ,this time

PS360PCROCKS4481d ago

@XHi4 It's Alan Wake not Alan Awake, just a little heads up. It's funny their are quite a few people who have done that, but I agree, this looks good and Alan Wake looks unbelievable.

Mikey_Gee4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

It sound like you more than happy with PC games. So maybe sell off your consoles and just buy more parts to upgrade you PC.

You always make a point of pushing your PC games as better and nicer, so why even bother with consoles at all. Some of us just got tired of the huge cost of PC's to have them run top notch .... FOR GAMES !!

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krackchap4481d ago

early 2008-every FPS killzowned

Genki4481d ago

it's more likely to come out late 2008 than any other time I'm afraid.

4481d ago
mighty_douche4481d ago

dude if your not intrested in KZ2, and judging but your comments your obvoulsy not, then just leave rather than try and spoil peoples excitment by being negative.

if this game was out on the 360 they'd be hyped for it to, the only 'blind lemming' as you call it appears to be you. remember the 360 tab is the next one over.

DeadIIIRed4481d ago

But they belong in history. It's time to move on. And I would actually rather play Halo or Killzone over CS or Half Life any day.

ShAkKa4481d ago

stop your suffering man! i mean there are good games for your console right? so let us feel good about this one ,you don`t have to take it so hard young boy.

Blitzed4481d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Dude, does Bill Gates switch you on in the morning?!

I enjoyed your full review of Killzone 2 earlier, can I borrow your copy when you're done with it?

notsonice4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Its obvious you regret your 360 purchase; I'd be angry too with all those hours you spent flipping burgers and in the mens bathroom at the bus station only to make a 2nd rate purchase. Well the 360 has good games too, maybe you should try playing them, perhaps a few hours of Viva Pinata will help with your anger issues, or maybe you should just ask your mom for a hug.

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MK_Red4481d ago

If they add a multiplayer in vein of Warhawk and combine elements of both WH, Resistance and Killzone 1 with Killzone 2's graphics then I believe we have a 100% GOTY on our hands.

Personally, I worship Killzone 2's graphics with uber awesome motion blur and blood effects.

mentalboy114481d ago

do you ever find time to sleep?

THC CELL4481d ago

Sleep when you-re dead is my motto

Anyways this game is looking awesome, i will be playing some top class games this and next year Only on ps3.

Btw MK_RED good work mate i see you put a lot of people straight on this
forum many times and good work with ur submitting

4481d ago
MK_Red4481d ago

Thanks THC CELL.

Icewake; Being a fan of a system doesn't mean one can't enjoy games on other systems.

I may be PS3 fanboy, but right now I'm enjoyinh BioShock and Strangehold on my 360 and will be getting Stuntman and PGR4 soon. Can't wait to buy Wii and PS3 to play Metroid Prime 3 and MotorStorm.

sonarus4481d ago

To be perfectly honest as a 360 and ps3 owner who was recently dissapointed by the overhyped mess of halo(take that as you will as i was never interested in the multiplayer and the single player was far too mediocre) i have to say i am not that hyped for killzone. I am honestly more hyped for uncharted drakes fortune, Metal Gear solid and GT5 prologue. Mass effect am not so hyped for but am gonna try it not a big rpg fan but never really played any rpg's to beging with so never knw.

With only seeing 1 level and all the impressions and previews for the game being based solely on the graphics and the game engine i simply havnt been able to give the game the full thumbs up. Remember the original on ps2 was amazing graphically however still had many issues. I am pretty confident those same issues will not repeat itself however i will need to see more to give the game that full thumbs up. All the things they have shown have been amazing so far. They have the best blood effects and is far ahead of anything being done on anything with the blood effects. 2008 will be a great yr for ps3 hopefully killzone 2 will factor in that greatness

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Antonio_Mex4481d ago

man I can't wait to play this awesome game! it's going to kick ass! yeah!