Guitar Hero III's street date broken?

Someone has Guitar Hero III already, and has posted some pictures to make us all jealous. Apparently he got it at Toys 'R' it just one store or are there others selling it early?


He didn't get it at Toys 'R' Us, but says he did get it legally.

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Quickstrike4487d ago

lucky SoB. I want Guitar Hero 3 and this lucky guy gets it early? I hope he doesn't start a vid that makes fun of every one else because they don't have it yet.

Owner360-PS34487d ago

Toys r Us have really been screwing up lately, first bioshock now this? Im sure theres more i havent heard about.Im sure they will get a hefty fine this time since they said it was a mistake about bioshock.Where do they get there employee's because they obviously cant read.

YoMeViet4487d ago

i want my GH3 now too....
i wonder if my local Toys R" Us takes brides...