DRM is Killing the PC Gaming Market

According to the author, Digital Rights management also known as DRM, is single handedly destroying PC Gaming as we know it. In the industry there is an ongoing battle between the gaming makers and the pirates, and the casualty in this battle is the end user.

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Quickstrike4486d ago

seriously wtf is it and y is it killing PC gaming? BTW PC gaming will never die as long as games like Starcraft 2, 3, 4 and beyond can still be done.

Bolts4486d ago

This guy must've been born yesterday. Its as if he suddenly woke up and found that people are pirating games and publishers are using copy protections that may or not be harmful to the endusers. Nevermind the fact that this so called DRM issue is actually four years old. Yawn.

I guess in his next article he's going to tell us about the Sun running out of power and will dim in about 250 million years.

Lumbo4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

bit overly dramatic post imho.
"Destroying the computer" lol, software is not able to physically damage a PC ok, except a certain hardware platform that self destructs on updates, but that isn't the norm.

For the book: i don't like the way copy protection software is going to date. Its a) not working and b) is more hassle to the buyer than to the thief.

Its kinda like the forced Anti-piracy videos on the DVD's. Ffs i BOUGHT the DVD, why should i have to watch a moronic "don't steal movies" video then. The pirate releases come without that crap, and therefor are worth more imho.

Imho the way epic games has handled it so far is the best, they release with a hard to crack copy protection system, and with the first patch a month or so later they remove it so you can play without the DVD in the drive. As their games are mostly online centered the key system is all you need for copy protection.

Won't work for single player games though, like Bioshock. Took less than a week to completely remove the protection, so was the shiat with the activation server for the honest buyers really worth it ? i think not.

nanometric4486d ago

"Destroying the computer" lol, software is not able to physically damage a PC ok,"

yes it can! software can shut down your fans and/or overload cpu thus resulting in hardwere overheating :P

Karebear4486d ago

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to successfully install this game without tripping the DRM...

I'm sorry, your machine will now self destrucet in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Totally agree, bit dramatic ;)

Bullseye4486d ago

He's right, you know.Firstly, lets look at the 'destroying pc's comment'The kind of tools and root kits used in some of this DRM is insidious in it's behaviour,because it acts as spyware not just protection.It isn't the destroying of the PC hardware that's the danger,thats just a stupid comment to make.However,many people have valuable data and configurations on their PC's that may be extremely time consuming and difficult to recreate even with backups.Secondly, the vast majority of security measures simply don't work. I admit that if i BUY a game that uses secureROM or other such techniques, i would consider downloading the workaround so i'm not constantly hassled by genuine discs that often still won't work due to DRM! Next time you shout hurrah for Steam and the like, think again!

Pain4486d ago

when they tryed to do the monopoly with window back in the 90's with dx# to get games made for window's and not Mac's?


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