10 Reasons why the Wii 2 will Launch in 2010

"Welcome to part three of our deep and probing gaze into the games industry's crystal ball as we attempt to predict launch dates for the next-next-generation of consoles. So far we've established that the Xbox 720 is eyeing off 2009, and that the PS3 will carry right through to 2014, but what of the miraculous Wii and its follow-up?"

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MK_Red4489d ago

Well, so far the articles of "10 Reasons why next PS3/360/Wii..." have had years of 2009 2010 and 2014 but I believe that much like this gen, their release dates won't vary more than 1 year.

SlappingOysters4489d ago

I am not sure if enough new technology would come out between now and then for the Xbox 720, or Wii 2 to have enough features to push the PS4 forward.

Prismo_Fillusion4489d ago

You may be right MK_Red. I'd be willing to bet that the next-gen Nintendo and MS systems launch within 12 months of each other. I'm not sure about the PS4 (how high is this going to go?) though. After all, it did come out first last generation, and last this generation. I think that if Sony thinks the PS3 can last 3-4 years after the other next gen systems are planned to be released, Sony will wait to release their new system. But if they don't think they'll be able to compete with new systems, they'll plan to release their new one within a yearish of the others.

Then again, what the hell do we know. We're just gamers!

Genki4489d ago

that's an interesting point...and based upon what we've seen with the PS2, it could be rationalized with.

That depends though, on whether or not the PS3 sees the same sort of success. I think the biggest contributor to that though, lies with Microsoft and Ninty killing of their previous offerings before Sony ever thought to do so. That effectively left Sony as the de facto bargain bin gaming machine. If it works out that way this time around, and the PS3 is competing(sales wise, anyway) with next gen offerings, I think they MIGHT, just MIGHT be able to hold out for two years if it was really necessary.

To be honest though, as massive an engineering undertaking the PS3 was, I think it more or less has laid out the groundwork for the PS4, so I'm betting on the next one not being quite as expensive, or having such problematic development cycles as we've seen thus far. Silly of me to even be thinking of next gen now, but while we're on the subject, it could be a very interesting time indeed. I think it's safe to say that nobody would have predicted that things unfold the way they have so far about 6 or 7 years ago.

Genki4489d ago

Neither company will risk the others cutting into their potential user base that much. We already saw it happen this year. It's no secret that the PS3 wasn't ready when it launched. Then again, neither was the 360, but that's business. As far as I'm concerned, the Wii was the only one that was ready. They are more poised than anyone else to deliver the next system IMO.


That would mean it's current 10 million owners will be left out in the cold because new games will not be compatible with the more powerful wii. I dont' think wii owners are the type that are going to go out and buy another wii after spending $250. I just don't see sony releasing a new console even if nitty or M$ release one that early...I think Sony was preasured into releasing PS3 because of HDTV and blu ray other wise I think Sony could of been okay releasing PS3 this year. But now that's not the case, PS3 displays 1080p60fps games are now starting to show the PS3 power. Killzone2 comes within months and you can only imagine what games are going to look like in 2 years. The price of the PS3 will be cheaper than a new wii or a new 360. Sony could of been winning the current generation with the PS2 but SOny did the smart move and now they have a 6 million install base and with system seller like GT5, MGS, FF13, KZ2, FFvs,Uncharted those are 5 different types of genre that cater to everyone.

SlappingOysters4489d ago

you forgot to mention Sony's biggest sellers - SingStar, EyeToy and Buzz.

xhi44489d ago

if Sony has to introduce a console earlier because like these articles saying everyone else will.........(which i have some doubts about), but hypothetically if they do decide to release a console earlier, they would still support the ps3 and it's users like it is doing with the PS2 right now, for it to achieve it's 10 year lifespan.

But this Wii 2 thing? Isn't this that Michael Patcher prediction? It sounds practical, but whether or not Nintendo actually does it is yet to be seen, I personally think it would be a smart strategy to keep up with the 360 and PS3 in terms of power and the next gen format (which ever one it may be). But we can only wait and see aye.

americanGTA4489d ago

I dont wanna read this, i just got my wii like 5 hours ago :-/

SlappingOysters4489d ago

don't worry dude - there is plenty of games to play between now and then!

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