Condemned 2: Bloodshot - CVG Preview

Condemned 2 will get the adrenaline pumping in a way few other videogames ever come close to - guaranteed. All this just serves to emphasise just how dark, visceral, totally brooding and bloody brutal Bloodshot really is. Whether you're beating some gimp to a bloody pulp with a brick you've ripped out of a wall, or ditching a corpse in a dumpster, or using your CSI tools to work out just how a brutally mangled body wound up that way, or kicking a Rottweiler to death, or legging it from a gibber-ing maniac in a pitch black store-room..

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The Real Joker4019d ago

This is going to be alot of fun to play. Condemned was the first game I put into my 360 (ahh memories). It was definately underated. It was a blast to play. And people say that Gears was the first good game on the 360. That is just ridiculous.

marcellizot4019d ago

I agree, Comdemned Criminal Origins was criminally underated. After completing Prey, Lego Star Wars II, Perfect Dark Zero and playing the hell out of MotoGP I finally got around to Condemned and it eclipsed the lot.

I swear to god, it is easily the most frightening game I have ever played, that whole abandoned subway section still gives me the creeps. And it had a great climactic, dark ending. Definately the first truly next gen experience I had on my 360.

poopface14019d ago

yup this game was awsome and I cant wait to play #2. I really liked the sparse ammo thing, reminded me of resident evil and made the game scarrier when you had to beat people with various objects instead of just shooting them.