Rumour:Perfect Dark 2 on its way

This rumour gives us scanty details regarding the sequel to the original Perfect dark game which appeared on the N64

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sonarus4480d ago

thought they were workin on banjo kazooie. Perfect dark 2 will eventually come out but i wasnt too impressed with the last one they had on 360. Hopefully this one will impress me though

Jones Miller4480d ago

They better step it up a notch!!!

Hatchetforce4479d ago

The two novels that came out by Greg Rucka:

were gritty and edgy. They were well written and thrilling science fiction adventure. There was none of the cartoony atitude that plagued the game and were the next PD to head in this direction it would be a good move.

I still like the game and play it on occasion but it would be better were they to get a little more serious about the story and the action.

FirstknighT4480d ago

Perfect Dark Zero was a great launch game. Rated high and sold over a million copies. But it didn't drop jaws like the original did and that is why people talk crap about it. But it was still a success.

Omegasyde4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

the reason it sucked was that multiplayer was horrible. It had to live up to alot and didn't deliver.

Perfect dark for n64 was a great follow up to the game that started it all, Goldeneye. Hopefully this 2nd is a lot better.

but then again fu** perfect dark bring back,

KILLER INSTINCT. Its so long overdue.

dantesparda4479d ago

I dont care what anyone says, PDZ is the best game on the 360 and has the best online. Period!

iceice1234480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

So they could be multitasking. But I'd prefer they work on a new Conkers next. They ruined the last ones multiplayer so bad. Great single player because it was a port. Then they ruined PDZ campaign by just uhhh being terrible in general but had good multiplayer. It is like they can't do both for a game anymore. But yeah PDZ was a great launch title, 32 players online and no lag on a P2P service. It was damn good.

Edit- I guess I'm the only one but I'm getting a 403 error.

Prismo_Fillusion4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Perfect Dark Zero was AWFUL. Red Steel sold over a million copies and that was sh1t too - same concept. That's how some of these launch games work.

They need to either completely reconceptualize how they want the game to work, or just make it work more like the original - which is an awesome game.

Edit: Actually Red Steel was much much worse than PDZ, but they're still both bad games.

iceice1234480d ago

PDZ multiplayer? It was actually good, not sh!t like the campaign.

Prismo_Fillusion4480d ago

I tried it, yes. It wasn't much fun for me - I really didn't like the controls of the game.

The graphics were good, I'll give you that. But that's all you get. :p

tomfoolery4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

why don't you take a flying fvck off of this positive 360
Piss off Sonyboy.

Sorry about this...........
Piss off WII tard.

Prismo_Fillusion4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

lol sony fanboy
buddy, I've never owned a Sony console - never.
and i have owned a microsoft console

think again retard

edit: just a funny thing i noticed. whenever i post in a 360 article i get called a sony fanboy. whenever i post in a ps3 article i get called a 360 fanboy. i've never been called a wii fanboy - but that's the only current gen console i own. lolwtf?

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Charlie26884480d ago

I hope its more like the N64 game ^^

Oh boy those days were the best (starts going down memory lane)

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