Anonymous: Sony, We’ll Be Launching Largest Protest Ever; We Really Mean It

After supposedly failing to cause any significant damage on Sony by boycotting several stores, Anonymous has stated in a newly-released video that they are preparing the biggest protest ever in their history against the company; they call it a global protest and have detailed what they plan to do in the video as well as an image.

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Kon3650d ago

This is really getting annoying...

RememberThe3573650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )


Ducky3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

...did you mean Annoymous? O.o

longcat3650d ago

Anonymous: We're serious....srsly

Sarcasm3650d ago

Like really this time, forreals forreals

Redrum0593650d ago

if those a**hole are so good then why not put their skills to good use like hacking government intel to prove the existance of Illuminati, lol. then i might be interested in them.

Redrum0593650d ago

theyre not gonna protest, not if this guy has anything to say about it

shoddy3650d ago


did they say "protest".

if they havfe balls they should have said "attack".

crashing site sound more dangerous.

ChrisW3650d ago

These wannabe Anonymous fools are just blowing smoke out their arses. If it was the "real" Anonymous they would have more than likely succeeded in rallying up the masses. However, I'm certain they have little interest in the GeoHotz Vs Sony case, so there not much to worry about.

Remember, they are not gangbangers or soccer hoodlums, they are just computer nerds attempting to be Anonymous.

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ash_divine3650d ago


That's strange, I don't remember anyone crying, but I do remember people laughing after the servers were back up... 30 minutes later.

captain-obvious3650d ago

" We Really Mean It "


ChrisW3650d ago

Nice music from Halo... LOL!

hay3650d ago

It seems that 10% sales boost is not enough for them, aiming for 20 this time?

RememberThe3573650d ago

Hahahaha indeed I did. Annoyimous* You gotta add the "i" otherwise it sounds like annoy-mouse.

Shadow Flare3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Oh anonanus shut up!!! You're just a bunch of nerds fighting for something no-one gives a crap about!! I really wish someone would have gone into the Sony centre in Manchester on Saturday and went up to that fat nerd and slapped his glasses off. I don't like to condone violence but these idiots need some sense knocked into them. Get your damn priorities in life straight you idiots

gaffyh3649d ago

Reminds me of Conan's Video Blog lol.

Prototype3649d ago

I wish these guys would find something else to do instead of boycotting something they use daily...

Sounds like a bunch of crybabies who didn't get what they wanted and now they keep bragging about what they "won't" do - last time I checked real people don't broadcast they just do it. Remember the weaker dog barks louder.

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thor3649d ago


Yeah you're right. Wikileaks got support because it was revealing genuine info about things people care about (you know, killing of civilians in Iraq and such). Anonymous in the past have also been successful, by exposing the Church of Scientology's business practices and their bizarre beliefs. Here, however, there is an issue where even if you TOLD somebody all the facts, they would go, "So a hacker's been made to pay for his crimes? Good!" You will simply not get the support of the masses in order to stand up for hackers. Stand up for free speech? Yes. Stand up for net neutrality? Probably. Stand up for people who have probably broken the law? Almost certainly not.

Dee_913649d ago

Random guy: hey why are you guys protesting?

Anon: Sony sued geohot for releasing a jailbreak for the ps3

Random Guy: .... :|

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chriski3333650d ago

these losers should just give up its not even funny anymore thumbs up on the failed boycott sony stores

alien6263650d ago

they protecting us? wtf r they protecting us from? i dont feel safe at all...what keeps me safe is the brave man and woman who are fighting for our freedom by killing scumbags who think they making a difference by killing other people.

they making no difference or effecting sony at all they wasting there time trying to fight sony so far

Sony 4 Ano 0

3650d ago
GrandTheftZamboni3649d ago

Time to oil up my squirt gun.

Rainstorm813650d ago

exactly, No one cares, go back into your hole that you guys crawled out of...

Anon member: "Its called a command center"

MrBeatdown3650d ago

I think they are going with the "annoy Sony until they cave" strategy.

Ever see the Mt. Splashmore Simpsons episode?

"Will you take us to Mt. Splashmore?"
"Will you take us to Mt. Splashmore?"
"Will you take us to Mt. Splashmore?"
"Will you take us to Mt. Splashmore?"
"Will you take us to Mt. Splashmore?"
"Will you take us to Mt. Splashmore?"
"Alright, but will you shut up about it?"

Unfortunately for Anonymous, I think Sony can hold out a hell of a lot longer than Homer Simpson.

xAlmostPro3650d ago

ERm why does the video use images from a scientology protest? lmao.. one where people actually turned up

saladthieves3650d ago

Cue the music, grab some popcorn, get some beer and sit on the couch. This is going to be another entertaining fail episode from anonymous.

Next articles to follow:

Anonymous fails to garner attention once again

Anonymous: Sony, We’ll Be Launching Largest Protest Ever; We Really REALLY Mean It

No one shows up for the 3rd organized protests.

I'm also waiting for the guy who bought himself a Bravia TV to post another lolz comment saying that he just purchased a brand new PS3 Killzone 3 bundle.

alien6263650d ago

LOL "sony you shove ur P3nis in the behind" well at least we know who is the man in this and who is the woman

gypsygib3650d ago

Anonymous are probably like PMCs, hired by Nintendo and MS now that Playstation is back in stride.

Karlnag33649d ago

Pathetic Mummies-boy Children?

Sounds about right.

krisq3650d ago

If most gamers are against them, who is with them?

SonyPS3603649d ago

Everyone who isn't a Sony fanboy.

Eamon3649d ago

Kids, here's a lesson today, if someone isn't pro-Sony that it doesn't mean they are pro-MS.

Coheno3650d ago

Annoying indeed! Anon should get a job instead! Sounds like they have waaaay too much free time...

Scyrus3650d ago

lmaaooooooooooooooo. why didnt they do this to MS when the rrod failure rate was ridiculously high,

Why only do this to sony, nintendo and MS punish people who hack game consoles.

this is the most retarded group ever, we need an anti anonymous group, a team of hackers to shut them down!!!!!!

lmao as if people who had ps3's were going to stop buying ps3's because of this, the ps3 would have to have no games, no free online, a high fail rate and cause fires to actually have a boycot work.

Eamon3649d ago

Because Microsoft and Nintendo didn't take anyone to court and raid people's houses.

I think that's why. But whatever, keep wearing those fanboy goggles.

HolyOrangeCows3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

We mean it this time! This time, we'll send FIVE people wearing their Guy Fawkes masks up.

U mad? We like vidya games, not Linux and homebrew.

Noble Spartan3649d ago

Next article, two fat nerds sitting in sony store. watching sony bravia tv playing on ps3!

LastDance3649d ago


X-DominusRebellis-X3649d ago

This is what happens when you give a bunch of social rejects internet and too much free time. Get a fucking life you anonymous fuckers or better yet, go get laid!

Dee_913649d ago

were can i find a
that anon mask
so i cam wear it while buying a sony product

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ThatEnglishDude3650d ago

Do we really need to give this shit 'organization' more attention? The fact they even have to state 'they really mean it' is just a testament to how childish and pathetic they really are.

They will never grow up
They will never have lives
They will always be forever alone.

DeeZee3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

There suggestions are silly, filling the store in order to disrupt sales. Also if you have to say, "we really mean it", than get out of here, more action, less talk.

Noami3650d ago

they gona sell cookies in front of sony's stores?

smashman983650d ago

yes but these cookies will contain poison therefore killing off a lot of sony customers in the long run sony not getting sales means sony going out of business...

all in the name of consumer rights

is what i could imagine them saying

supremacy3650d ago

What part of sony would be going out business again? A few stores? What about everything else Sony owns and has shares in and ventures with other companies whos product these kids probably use? takes more than silly strikes and parades to take down a giant, specially one with its hands in So many different markets and industries.

Hazmat133650d ago

yes they will be... suger free. MWAAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAa

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