IGN Assassin's Creed Cathedral Video

"The art of the chase," writes IGN regarding the new Assassin's Creed Cathedral gameplay video.

Please, use the alternative link to get to IGN's Assassin's Creed Cathedral video page.

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raziizar4020d ago

cant wait


it does look like it has come a long way.... how am i going to afford all these games coming out.

at a time i was going to hold off getting this, but it looks like this just moved back onto my must have list. between COD4, Masseffect and this all in november i am going to need to take a long christams holiday.

HeartlesskizZ4020d ago

I wonder if there is a map as i will get lost in that big city =)

Tryst4020d ago

The jury is still out on this game sorry.

It is going to be heavily dependany on a strong AI with all those people and guards.

I hope I am proved wrong though :)

kingboy4020d ago

So far i`v seen nothing else apart from impressive graphics from this tittle,gameplay meh!!assassinate one guy then run on top of buildings

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