Save and Quit - Portal 2: First 15 minutes of Co-op Campaign

Save and Quit - This is the first 15 minutes of the Portal 2 co-op campaign. This includes the intro video, some of the “how-to” instructions and the first few challenges. There may be a few puzzle solving spoilers in the video, so if you don’t want to know how to beat some of the earlier levels, you probably shouldn’t watch. But if you can’t beat the first couple of puzzles anyway, maybe Portal isn’t the game for you.

*The audio recorded distorted. I’ll try to figure out what happened and re-upload.

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claterz3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Video doesn't work...
never mind it's working now =D

killershadow1173105d ago

Wow is that audio pretty bad, it sounds like they just held the mic up right to the speakers while they were on high. Still appreciate the video though.

Close_Second3105d ago

Video/audio quality aside, what do people think of the gameplay?

I don't get all the excitement over this one. Standard sort of puzzle game wrapped up in some solid (not outstanding) visuals.

Brash_Attack3105d ago

I think the gameplay is amazing. I loved the first and this one built off of it. I think the co-op is a bit shaky, tho. The campaign is fantastic. Look at my submissions for a video of the single player

gcolley3105d ago

or i could just buy it