IGN AU Reviews Orange Box

IGN: "So Orange Box is here, and with it, the next chapter in the Half-Life saga, Episode Two. That alone is a very valid reason to be jovial, but Valve has gone several better on all of us and made this an irresistible package. The company has generously packed in the original game, alongside Episode One and Two, as well as tossing in two other key games - Portal and the superb Team Fortress 2. Both are essential parts of why Orange Box is worth your time and money. We've compiled Australian reviews for 'the big three' new games in the package for your reading pleasure".

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xhi44477d ago


Hey does anyone know if the console versions and/or pc versions have bot functionality on the TF2?

Rooted_Dust4477d ago

Sadly there are no bots. In order to do that they would have to write very specific code for every class, and there probably wasn't time to do that.

PimpHandHappy4477d ago

by Fance in Rugby!!! They should me ashamed!!!


cant wait for this to hit the PS3...So many games this next 3-6 months. Im going to be one broke dude


SabreMan4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

Australia got beat by the world champions last week in the quarter final

thats ENGLAND as you obviously have no clue !!

ENGLAND are in the final again as they beat France on saturday,

you should be ashamed stop offering comments on stuff you know nothing about

xhi44477d ago

Australia's the world champ, you just don't know it yet! Lol. No but srsly.....john wilkonson cheats, i mean okay the last world cup final, we were beating you, then in the last minute what? WHAT HAPPENS? He kicks WHY NOT A TRY LIKE THE REST OF US? The saddest moment........:(

Had to rip it out of us didn't ya? Damn pomy's.......

Haha im just kiddin its all good fun, but yer anyway can someone please reply to my comment about bots in TF2, if anybody knows?

Oh and I can't wait either err...Pimphandready? lol nice name btw.

SabreMan4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

a deluded convict

seriously only kidding that reply has put a smile on my face bubbles to you for that mate,
i'm sure you expected to beat us this time then good English grit and determination got us through, wilko don't you love him

i'm not sure about the bot thing so i won't comment

Charlie26884477d ago

I think I am gonna download what I am missing from this box (EP2, Portal,TF2) by my STEAM account

But here is the question for any good gamer out there that might help me, once I download a game how can I save it for future times with out having to download it again? by the "backup" option? how does that work?

appreciate the help ^^