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Joni-Ice3714d ago

This game will be HUGE. GOTY Contender!

Rainstorm813714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Definitely GotY Front runner IMO, Cant wait to get in the MP beta and test out the changes, especially the sprint button.

Edit @ below

I agree U2 movement was perfect, going from walking to running with just a flick of the analog.

But if the animations are seamless the sprint button could be a good thing, sprinting, dodging bullets and diving into cover that sort of thing.......Cant wait til July 5th to find out.

crxss3714d ago

absolutely cannot wait for this game! i'm liking the customization!

starchild3714d ago

I really love Uncharted 2's multiplayer and I can't wait to play the Uncharted 3 beta.

I wonder how that sprint ability will work. It didn't seem like the game needed a sprint button since movement was already pretty fast and fluid. I trust that Naughty Dog know what they are doing though.

Washington-Capitals3714d ago

It wont be GOTY imo simply because Uncharted 2 was such an epic masterpiece and perfect. Even tho this game has a chance to be the best game this year, the Media will label it as Uncharted 2.5 compared to the last game. I expect a game like Last Guardian or Oblivion to be GOTY, anyways, UC3 is my personal favorite.

Electroshocked3714d ago

This game is going to be epic. Enough said.

CommonSense3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

uncharted 2 was was NOT a "masterpiece." i don't get this praise. it was a very fun game worthy of multiple play-throughs and it had a satisfying multiplayer that stood the test of time. why overstate it?

as for the beta, i hope it's not limited to PS plus members...or i guess i'll finally be getting PS plus. :-P

EDIT: I know i'll get slammed with disagrees and probably lose bubbles for simply saying uncharted is very good and not "the greatest game of all time." sad is that?

DigitalAnalog3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

"slammed with disagrees"

Yes, everyone has a right to their OPINION, if you believe this, you must NEVER complain about disagrees regardless of how "ridiculous" it may be. Secondly, people may disagree for a entirely different reason altogether (maybe your post history has something to do with it, idk) My guess is your poor reasoning and general assumptions about the "disagree" voters.

What irks me is that people are complaining about losing bubbles because if "this n that". YOU HAVE 5, which is the default no. of bubbles N4G gives. I have 3 and guess what, both of them were taken in 1 THREAD, 1 BLOODY THREAD, simply because I stated comments from a Turn 10 fanbase in their ACTUAL SITE. With such absurd reason to take out 2 of my bubbles, do you see me complain about it?

My advice, just comment and state your opinion without putting up an act of "self-righteousness" on the internet, that alone would give me all the reason to remove your bubbles (don't worry, I didn't).

-End statement

miyamoto3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Glad you noticed the ultra smooth in-game character animation in U2 not the jerky animations we usually have in FPSs. I noticed that more after playing MGS4 then playing U2 again!

So the double rendering used in 3-D was made more useful by displaying them SPLIT SCREEN - what a nice easy coincidence!

So U3 is like playing on a huge arse 3DS screen where you can turn on or off the 3-D effect? nice!

Did you see that airplane shoot Drake to the ground!? Vehicular combat?

Naughty Dog already made so many stuff here worthy of the title Uncharted 3! Leaps & bounds!

Pixel_Pusher3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Holy sh*t!....followed by.....Yeah son! Yeah!

kikizoo3713d ago

"EDIT: I know i'll get slammed with disagrees and probably lose bubbles for simply saying uncharted is very good and not "the greatest game of all time." sad is that? "

You probably forget : IMO

because others said it's the best game of all time, and you are not better than them ,)

AAACE53713d ago

I hope more people give this a chance! It's a shame how Uncharted 2 was overlooked by some. For those of us who tried it, we got to experience something truly amazing!

OneSneakyMofo3713d ago

I wanna have Nathan Drake's babies.

Dee_913713d ago

"New modes such as ’3 team’ deathmatch (2v2v2) and free for all"
that is so cool and simple
i bet alot of games from now on with multiplayer will incorporate this now

the maps look much bigger too

Zydake3713d ago

I'm so excited for this game it looks like we can customize places

And on that note we cue the music

HappyGaming3713d ago

NOOOO am going to be in Malia :(

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miyamoto3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Coop and Versus!

Split Screen Multi-player! My nephews will be very happy : ) fixed

Good thing we have a 46" HDTV.
Its like playing two PSP letterbox displays on one screen. yummmy

Don't forget they ND has really improved up the close combat mechanics of U3.

I hope it feels like Streets of Rage again in 3-D.

Bull5hifT3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

If the Split screen Has To Be In Small square not just a line separating the bottom from top or side to side then id rather they go the Route of San Andreas CO-OP or Fable 3.... Cool gran turismo 5 looks nice on 2player , ......................Reply To Alpha-Male22 it might work like when you and Sully where in the rainforest or You and that Evil Back Stabbing Friend Where Robbing that Museum ' and it wouldnt take much graphical hit

-Alpha3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Shared screen wont work. It's split, and that's what fans asked for, and that's what they wanted to do from the start.

They are delivering the goods and doing everything necessary in my book to be the "Go to MP" game

I am concerned with them doing killstreaks (medal rewards). I hope they don't go too crazy and keep the focus on teamwork, platforming, and shooting. I don't want crazy things like nades that split into three and things like that. UC2 has always been about the core gameplay and if they can tweak the issues from UC2 they will have a winner.

Remove the boosters IMO, or make them very different from each other and effective, keep the killstreaks balanced and minimal (the focus is on gameplay and skill), bring back the emphasis on platforming by giving us more health so people aren't afraid to actually platform-- and give us more map interactivity within platforming (shutting doors, opening traps, etc), give us lobbies, ditch Bungie's matchmaking/no join-in feature.

If they give us lobbies then that alone gives us freedom and choice

kingjoker343714d ago

Im happy that Naughty Dog actually listened to the feedback from UC2

persistentlobster3713d ago

Well, that wouldn't really work well with uncharted but I completely agree about the stupid boxes. Luckily my tv is big enough to where it won't cause too much of an issue but it's still a pain in the ass. I had the same problem with Resident Evil 5.

FACTUAL evidence3714d ago

Split screen? Might as well give UC3 the crown no....custom soundtracks and this game is perfect in my eyes.

metsgaming3714d ago

uncharted's soundtrack is amazing no need for custom soundtracks. Most games i would say yes but uncharted no but I wont say no to it. Just think its unnecessary for this game.

Rainstorm813714d ago

i agree with custom soundtracks, Its not like there is music playing during the MP, so it would fit perfectly, i would atleast love to have the option.

Redempteur3713d ago

i agree to no custom soundtrack during the single player ..but custom soundtrack in multiplayer should be allowed

BloodyNapkin3713d ago

Custom soundtracks in all games in multiplayer should happen, there shouldnt be a reason why it is not.

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MrAwesome3714d ago

2011 GOTY: with all the great games this year it be a GOTY award to respect but im confident ND will do it.

metsgaming3714d ago

just want them to do more coop this time around. The story coop mode was extremely fun they need to do more of that.

metsgaming3714d ago

anyone notice that green aura. Whats that !?!?!

miyamoto3713d ago

yup, only one word for this game...... H-U-G-E!!!!

sikbeta3713d ago

U3 will be freaking Awesome, that's a given...

frostypants3713d ago

I am looking forward to this game, but am I the only one who thinks that the image of Drake we keep seeing (his face with the blue desert sky behind him) doesn't look anything like him? His nose and lips are all screwed up.

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supremacy3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Woaw they werent kidding about competing with the big boys.

Now a map editor and a bigger online co cop mode say 5player co op will do this game even greater justice.

Regardless i will be purchasing both this and the ngp versions when they arrive.

-Alpha3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Map editor would be nice but I doubt it. It doesn't need a map editor per se, just a whole crapload of modes and modifiers.

If they give us dedicated servers and lobbies they will be the few devs to be doing it and will earn much respect

hesido3713d ago

I don't think they would allocate resources for a map editor. I was surprised they had a very very good machinima feature for UC2 but it was barely used. Any spectacular use of it? I just know a few small scale machimas done with it but it somehow wasn't a hit in the scene.

DarkSpawnClone3713d ago

yeah i agree it dose not need a map editor,this game has all the features i want only outers would be more new game modes,and playstation move support(i for get if they are have it or not in uc3)

jwk943714d ago

I say 3 or 4 player cinematic co-op, like the story segments we got first time around, and 5 player survival/treasure/whatever-els e-was in there that wasn't storyish co-op.

RevXM3714d ago

NGP version?
The NGP gets a exclusive Uncharted game. Its only on NGP.

Maybe thats not what you meant but it sounded like U3 will be on both PS3 and NGP, which Ive heard nothing about.

Uncharted 3 should be great!

supremacy3713d ago

Bro relax, i didn't specifically mean the same game on two different platforms. I meant "uncharted" in two different platforms.

As in both the ngp version and the ps3 version anyone whos waiting as much as i am for the ngp and uncharted would clearly know the difference without further explanation.

RevXM3713d ago

I wasnt 100% sure thats what you meant.

That MP trailer that just came out...
OH shiet!
It was sweet even though I didnt like the soundtrack on it, but Ive watched it like 10 times already.
Actaully reminds me a bit of Eight days, that old trailer with all the vehicles and shit.

Oh dear it was amasing.

crimsonfox3714d ago

damn dude that's super bad ass!

Bull5hifT3714d ago

I love Split Screen but i hate it that they have to have huge Black Bars Somewhere that gives you a tiny square to play on , think Killzone 3 and Call of Duty WAW had that and im not sure if Resident Evil 5 , It Sucks Sooooo Hard

WildArmed3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Aye, they do that to keep the aspect ratio for each render fine.

but I really fine it annoying.

Ofc, that never stopped me from playing R2 splitscreen online lol

Bull5hifT3714d ago

Ohh thanks i thought it had to do with the Ps3 not being able to handle those Amazing Games x2 , i clearly remember playing COD:4..... 2 or 4 player Splut Screen , Great Times..... I actually hated the slanted version in Killzone 3 more, it felt awkard for me, i think Unreal Tournament 3 has it straight down the middle... Thank you for the information though

BlackKnight3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

For KZ3 thats bull. It's 4:3 instead of 16:9. Way too tiny. Should have done it AT LEAST like RE5.

I think it was purely done for performance reasons. Even in those tiny 4:3 boxes I would get framerate drops pretty bad.

RedPawn3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Lost Planet 2 was criminal for that.

hahahaha, thanks for the disagree, cause the offset boxes with the mini map idea was a joke.


Max Power3714d ago

I like it better than getting half your screen cut off.