The Wii Was The Most Successful Video Game Failure Ever

JD: Yesterday rumors began to swirl around Nintendo's follow-up to the Wii. First Game Informer reported what many had long suspected -- that Nintendo would get into the HD game. Then Kotaku's sources said that Nintendo's new console would be more powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. IGN said that old Wii games would work on the new system. And others suggested that Nintendo's new controller would include HD screens.

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Shok3450d ago

It has more 8/10+ rated exclusives than the PS3 and 360, has finally made motion control successful, has introduced millions to gaming, owns 2 of the highest rated exclusives this gen, and it was a failure?

Mmmmmmm.....the hate, so tasty........

Godmars2903450d ago

While the console itself has sold well, games on it haven't. Especially ones geared towards traditional gamers. Likewise there's nothing to support that the Wii has made motion control gaming successful much less popular. Past the popularity of a gimmick that is. The only thing that has "proved" it has been Wiisports and that was a launch title.

epicdestroy3450d ago

Haters gonna hate... the Wii is a great console...hands down.

Godmars2903450d ago

And lovers are going to ignore issues - what's your point?

PlayerX3450d ago

Wii has the best selling and highest rated games this generation. Not to mention has the most quality exclusives according to Gamerankings/Metacritic.

rwarner1743450d ago

Haters usually hate for good reason. I own a Wii and its a waste. The number of good games is few and far between. Quite frankly, sony has taken over the title of system with the best first party games. Its just a fact.

Funny thing is, nintendo fanboys seem to be the biggest haters of all.

Menech3450d ago

Why is it the only console around here that gets any respect is the PS3?

And fans of any other platform have to listen to hordes of mindless idiots hating on everything. Seriously we get in the PS3 is like the greatest console ever to grace the earth with it's presence.

I mean shit I know am a complete and utter moron for buying something that wasn't a PS3 I regret my decision every day or my life...

Honestly I can't go 5 minutes without breaking down and crying for not only owning a PS3.

Seriously I would call you Playstation fanboys but I think that's sort of insulting fanboys.

Some of you are taking it beyond the level of a mere fanboy and turning it into a playstation cult...

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BK-2013450d ago

Actually no, the PS3 still has the edge on high rated exclusives plus most of those exclusives on the Wii are trash that were reviewed lightly because they are "Wii games". SMG is one of those games that are so absurdly overrated for being such a lame ass game. It does well because its for "kids".

Shok3450d ago

"...overrated for being such a lame ass game"

Lol, what? Since when did being a lame game give you AAA review scores? Lol, do you hear yourself.

Shackdaddy8363450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

"It does well because its for 'kids'"

You will learn when you're older that this means absolutely nothing.

And SMG was not overrated. It was an extremely fun game and deserved its praise.

-Alpha3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Regardless of if the PS3 has the edge or not, the point is that the Wii has a list of its own highly rated exclusives that are varied and lengthy in number. Not as graphically advanced and not as popular, sure, but the Wii DOES have exclusives, and a good amount of them.

But for you to dismiss the Wii's scores with such poor excuses while upholding the PS3 scores is trying to have your cake and eat it too.

I can just as well argue that PS3 exclusives were lightly reviewed and favored because they are "adult games" reviewed by adults.

And for you to correlate a game's quality to age level is insane. I miss games that weren't afraid to be charming yet manage to grip a gamer

Today games are militaristic, realistic, and focus on more human characters than ever before. I miss the unique worlds and characters Sonic, Mario, Jack and Daxter, Ratchet, etc. gave me.

Ratchet is considered childish for being cartoony, yet I'll take him over Nathan Hale any day

Bull5hifT3450d ago

GTA4 was Underrated' its actually a 1,finity/10

browngamer43450d ago

May you be struck down by the gaming gods for such blasphemy against SMG!All kiddding aside why the hate on an absolutely amazing game? Are you sore that it's the highest rated game this generation?

Knushwood Butt3450d ago

It's true that Wii games seem to get reviewed on some scale that's exclusive to the Wii.

Like, there's no voice acting in this Wii game, just garbled noise posing as speech, but that's just fine cos this is a Wii game and we don't expect anything better.. Sound 9/10

Just one of the reasons I don't pay any attention to reviews.

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-Alpha3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )


I agree with you. While the Wii isn't the main console of my choice, it's, IMO, the best alternative-- I'd much rather own a Wii to my PS3 than a 360.

Fans and media have praised Wii's games, yet they are rarely talked about here. And while the core games may not sell as well or may not be hyped as much on websites, it doesnt change the fact that those games exist and are highly liked for its quality.

Failure is much too harsh a word to describe the Wii. Disappointing is maybe more fitting as I know many people who were disappointed with the system, but in terms of sales and quality games the Wii did not "fail" and I think it has a great share of titles that can justify a purchase.

ChickeyCantor3450d ago

And zats why you has many bubbles.
Here let me donate some more.

Bull5hifT3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

If a Game Were to Release on lets say The Sega Game Gear and people liked it soo much they rated it pure 10's Does it Belong Next To Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, and other Greats? Does it matter ........ I Basically Think That They could have easily released a Motion Controller on the GameCube and it would have enogh power to do what the W!! Does

browngamer43450d ago

Yes it belongs right next to those games.

AWBrawler3450d ago


why wouldn't it? Zelda OOT (which looks a block mess now, mind you) is above all of those games, so why can't a good game be grouped with other good games because of what system its on, or because of it's graphics

antihiroprotagonist3450d ago

"It has more 8/10+ rated exclusives than the PS3 and 360"

fact check, muthafucka. Please give some examples and statistics.

Shok3450d ago

Someone sounds offended lol.

Go look it up dude. You're capable of using Google, right?

badz1493450d ago

as not only the best selling console but also for having the best library of games! Wii however, although selling very well will never ever surpasses the PS2 in terms of sale and games! games are what driving the PS2 and Wii is lacking a lot! the sales are already slowing down and no more high profile release on the horizon! with the successor already in the pipeline, it's safe to say that this is it for the Wii!

TheMysterion3450d ago

I understand you man and I went into the article ready to scream blasphemy! But the man is right nintendo completely slapped its fan base with the wii. They did revolutionize gaming like they always have but the way they handled it was where lied the betrayal. They almost completely overlooked their loyal fans. I do agree with the man but I fear not because there's hope with project cafe. I'm so excited! The return of ninty baby!

BX813450d ago

I for one thought the wii was a crappy system. It's good for kids and old people but if you're looking for a hardcore experience or games without crappy graphics then you're kind of outta luck. The wii had some good games but nothing compared to the 360/PS3.

strickers3450d ago

If you are talking about the Galaxies,they are the most overrated games this gen.

Venox20083450d ago

for you, to know they are ones of the most creative games ever :)

ksoto3450d ago

yeah wii sports is awesome smh

SCARE-KRO3449d ago

Ummm... If you go to Metacritic and add up all the 80+ rated titles you will actually find that the PS3 more than doubles the amount of titles that the Wii has in that high rating group. I just did it then - find out for yourself if you don't believe me.

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Peaceful_Jelly3450d ago

PS2 = 150m
Wii = 84m

Do you people think that the Wii will ever surpass the PS2 total sales?

PygmelionHunter3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Probably not because the Wii does not have such a big failure rate and i don't see Ninty supporting the console for as long as the PS2 was.

Forgot to add that we have to consider how much the world economy has deteriorated during these last years.

Knushwood Butt3450d ago

In case you haven't noticed, Nintendo have already stopped supporting the Wii.

Unless you consider Wii Play Motion as support..

PygmelionHunter3450d ago

@Knushwood Butt

I consider Zelda, Pandora's tower and a new Kirby game as support, after that, we'll just have to wait and see what they have to show at E3, id like some new motion+ games.

-Alpha3450d ago

If they are releasing the Wii's successor anytime soon, then probably not.

STK0263450d ago

If you judge a console's success/failure by comparing it to the PS2, I'm glad to tell you that the PSX was a failure, the Wii is a failure, the PS3 and the X360 are failures and guess what, the only platform close to not being one is the DS, that's it. The PS2 was a great console with a great game library and basically had a weakened competition from a dying SEGA, Nintendo and a new comer with little experience in game consoles called Microsoft.

No console will reach these sales for as long as we have 3 companies willing to release quality hardware with popular exclusive franchises on them.

PygmelionHunter3450d ago

Ok wow.. slow down there, i wasn't even trying to bash the PS2, i was just comparing it's failure rate to the Wii's because that might have been to an extent, a selling point for the console.

Seriously, why is everyone on this site so defensive?

AWBrawler3450d ago

for the record DS outsold PS2

Relientk773450d ago

It's true the Wii was a just a fad

It had its fair share of good games though

GameTavern3450d ago

A fad that lasted about as long as the average console?

L6RD7BLU33450d ago

It doesn't matter, people can say whatever they like about the Wii or Nintendo. "MONEY" talks and Nintendo is seeing plenty of it, so... yeah

3450d ago
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