UT3 360 cancelled?

More and more is Unreal Tournament III looking like a PS3 exclusive. For example: Mike Capps (President of Epic Games) states in the following video that "We´re Just on PlayStation 3, so we get to focus on that platform." Adding to that, on the GameTrailers site itself UT3 shows as PS3 and PC only. Even more evidence shows on the official UT3 site which displays the boxart for the PS3 and PC versions, no 360 boxart in sight. Could all this lead to a final word by Epic that they are in fact releasing UT3 as a PS3 exclusive? Only time will tell.

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Jdash246116d ago

i just downloaded the demo and tried it out...........my laptop cant really handle it that well.........so pc version is out.........i guess ima try the ps3 version when it comes out

UnasFortuna6116d ago

I doubt that Epic won't release a 360 version; however, it is strange that they used to openly say it was a timed exclusive and now you don't hear anything about it unless that is part of the deal of being a timed exclusive...that you can't advertise for the other system while in this time frame. If this isn't the case and Sony is working to have it really an exclusive... it will do much to rally all the PS2 Sony fans to move up to the next piece of hardware. Have played the online MP demo for PC already and it is amazing. Can't wait to pick up for my PS3.

osirisomeomi6116d ago

It's for 360 sometime in 2008. The devs have stated that over and over again. sorry, this is something that I know for sure, i'm not just speculating.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI6116d ago

Agreed speculation only. Like the MGS4 and FF13 thing. None of those are multi except ut3.

nomad1176116d ago

wanted to get as close to the top as possible to tell ppl to watch the video before posting it will make things easier for you to actually understand what this is about

SofaKingReetodded6116d ago

running the demo at 1920 x 1200 with all graphical settings maxed out, not even a blip of lag. Then again my rig is three times as powerful as the 360 but only one third as powerful as the PS3.

JsonHenry6116d ago

I hope it is true. Unreal Tournament games on consoles is simply blasphemous!

DruePhoenix6116d ago

how many times are people with just one system going to post biased reports out of nowhere just because they can for eff's sake!?!?

I is very likely the game will be out on 360, PS3, and PC, as that would make them the most money, regardless of the quality of ports, or anything else

all they need are TV ads saying "from the makers of Gears of War and the engine used by Bioshock and Stranglehold"

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TheMART6116d ago (Edited 6116d ago )

So who is making up his own news here?

After Gears of War sold over 5 million copies on the 360, do you really think Epic wouldn't release their next game based on the Unreal 3 engine on the 360? Jees. They'll make more money on the 360 with UT3 then the PS3.

THis story needs to be reported, because it has no source at all but an old trailer.

@ Stray_Wulf you should get reported over making up news which is not news actually. Not even a rumor. Those approving this story are just as bad as the poster.

ash_divine6116d ago (Edited 6116d ago )

First off, not everything is about money. That may be the way Microsoft rolls but not everyone. Secondly, "relax dude" this isn't even confirmed. It's not like they flat said it was cancelled so there's is no need to get all defensive bro.

THC CELL6116d ago

the point is mart this game cant handle 360 and let a lone disk space

iceice1236116d ago (Edited 6116d ago )

How about some proof from a legit source? If not leave little lemming.

See cell, you're an idiot. No proof so you go by your gut. What is it like being so damn deluded?

TheMART6116d ago

THC Cell

Dude how dumb are you. It's running on the Unreal 3 engine, Gears of War was running on the 360, and it's just a beefed up version of Gears with some other gameplay (no hiding etc.).

If it could run on any hardware, it would be the 360 first, because several devs have stated that Unreal 3 engine is having problems on the PS3. Seen all the jaggies and framerate problems on the PS3, I guess UT3 will have the less version on the PS3 also. And the 360 even will have more time to optimalize. Hhhmmmm well I guess you can always pop in a BetaBluRay movie like Casino Royal for the 15847th time!

THC CELL6116d ago (Edited 6116d ago )

mate are u really telling me ass creed is bigger than unreal Really!

If ass creed is having trouble and Gta Fitting on a dvd

Think about it....

like all other future next gen game

better yet i bet haze wont even fit

I might be wrong i might be

Sky Lazarus6116d ago

what are you talking about, you are the xboxKing of making stories up. This guy has more merrit to his story than most of yours.

harv0526116d ago

And the 360 even will have more time to OPTIMALIZE.

Where did you pull this word from?? You're A**???

sticky doja6116d ago

Everything is about money in any company, other than a non profit organization. Money is #1 on any buisnesses plan, even if they have good intentions with the business.

Timesplitter146116d ago

hey did anyone notice they don't even have the X360 logo on the official site? And they don't even talk about it?

gamesR4fun6116d ago

face it the xbox hit the wall with gears if they could've done this on the 360 they would've.

Makroyale6116d ago

"THis story needs to be reported, because it has no source at all but an old trailer."

Your last piece of news was just a trailer for Lost Odyessey, yeah some real news there.

"They'll make more money on the 360 with UT3 then the PS3."

Hmm... Then why aren't they releasing it on the 360 first then?!?! huh genius?

demolitionX6116d ago

u just dont get it!!!! epic won't release it on 360. Epic always said "we don't release a game unless we're sure it working 100%". Another proof it won't be on 360 for just a BIG reason, u can check gametrailers on that, mark rein said that sony already helped epic to make UE3 run effeciently on PS3, and he added "Sony worked with us to enhance the UE3 too" that proved to me it's over, no UT3 for M$.
Already epic is working with sony on a new IP using UE4, still rumours, but that won't surprise me.

RBlaze6116d ago

...How impressed I am at how many agrees/disagrees TheMART's comment got! 76 overall!! I don't think ive ever seen anything like it!!