TDK declares Blu-ray the HD winner

TDK is the only recordable media company to be a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). It's now producing 25GB and 50GB recordable Blu-ray Discs and says it has absolutely no intention of ever producing recordable HD DVDs. TDK says that Blu-ray is a sure-fire winner and that HD DVD will fail.

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kingofps34478d ago

it is common sense. Anyways, who is this HD-DVD guy?

nasim4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

BD is beating HD DVD 2:1 in NA

10:1 in EU (After the launch of ps3 starter pack with SPIDERMAN 3 in UK/EU) and 12:1 in JAPAN

for HD DVD everything is finished and the same for x360.

in FALL cars and Pirates 3 are coming to BD as well.SPidey,pirates 3 and Lion KIng are way bigger than Transformers /anything offered by HD DVD camp


here u go

cuco334478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

UH HUH....

HD DVD being said to have lost or died by a BD partner?! GTFO!!?!?!?

and nasim making up his usual made up numbers... GTFO?!?!?

Let's face facts fellas. BD and HD DVD have no advantage or superiority in terms of HDM. In actuality HD DVD is pro consumer. BD is in shambles but slowly climbing out of it's hole until once again, an ego driven exec/studio/company comes out and preaches dominance very similar to the PS3 fanboy. See if a split out of less than 5% total sales.

EDIT: to 1.3

I think you need to read more into it all. BD's higher bit rate was due to it using the 10yr old MPEG2 codec but when running under the same codec there is NO advantage (reference Nature's Journey on both formats, same move, same quality.) They both use the same codecs now, one isn't 'better' than the other. I see you keep falling for BDA's antics of the 'need' for larger disc space and all it's FUD. Reference some of Paramount's and other HD DVD exclusive movies that USE PCM audio in it's current discs. Where was the 'superiority' again? To me it looks like BD's capabilities = HD DVD's capabilities... The bit rate, disc size, lossless arguments have already been proven null and void in all high def forums I'm on. It's what we call FUD.
Thanks for playing

tmax4478d ago

@cuco33 - BD and HD DVD have no advantage or superiority in terms of HDM.

Please get your facts right, BD is much more superior technically - it can play at higher Bit rate, Uses the better quality AVC coded and because of the larger disk space usually has uncompressed PCM Audio. (which sounds awesome by the way).

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lil Titan4478d ago

to me neither one is worth buying now but when mitsubishi brings out the 3D blu-ray then you can start counting who wins what

xhi44478d ago

I don't know what a HD-DVD owner thinks when buying their HD-DVD, the add on for the 360 I can understand with 5 free games, but like a stand alone? Don't they prefer 100GB isntead of 51GB?

Ah well, each to their own.

cooke154478d ago

what movie uses more than 15gb?

4478d ago
xplosneer4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

The 6 Star Wars Movies? anyways that's not the point. Can anyone imagine, a mobile Blu Ray player(Or HDDVD for that matter) like a CD player? A cheap $15 200GB music player anyone? Or a total HDD backup on one disc?

Makroyale4478d ago

"what movie uses more than 15gb?"

Are you seriously asking this question or just being a moron?

King Kong on HD-DVD used 30GB and couldn't fit something called lossless audio on the disk.

And Bluray regularly uses close to 50GB by putting lossless audio on their disks.

dhammalama4478d ago

An entire season of a TV series could take up 100gb easy.

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jack who4478d ago

this post as crap on the fact that hd dvd still out sellin boo ray

mrlakadaddy4478d ago

the hd dvd player advantadge is false...they dont count the ps3,s as blueray players in thier charts... if they have you will realize that blueray standalones out sold hd-dvd a long time ago...check the tech sections for verification

IdontTakeSides4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Um the last time I checked movie studios dont watch how many stand alone players are beign sold..they watch software sales that's how they make back there money..umm how much did 300 sell on HD-DVD again compared to Blu-Ray..??

4478d ago
HeartlesskizZ4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

If the Matrix trilogy was not release yet I know It would have sell more on BD. Is just what I think =)

Makroyale4478d ago

In the US Bluray disks are outselling HD-DVD disks 2:1, with or without lame ass 300.

In Europe it's 4:1.

And in all important Japan it's 9:1.

In fact, there isn't even a country out there where HD-DVDs outsell Bluray DVDs. Flush your HD-DVDs and lame ass addon down the toilet because that's about what it's worth.

gerrard4478d ago

HD dvd was domed from the start(not even paramount can save the format), so not matter what you say it's over, finnished, done!
Just accept it

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