PS3 Fanboy Reviews Everyday Shooter

"Everyday Shooter is a difficult game to review. Talking about its graphics, sound and gameplay separately would make it clear that I didn't get the point. But I did. Everything in the game is connected together in some sort of synesthetic mess of color, noise and frantic shooting. Each of the eight levels is a different "track" in the Everyday Shooter album with its own style of sound as well as its own individual art direction. The background music is the base (as opposed to bass) track over which you build the rest of the song by playing the level," writes PS3 Fanboy.

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tocrazed4you4478d ago

one guy made this game by himself wow... that guy's got talent sony should try to hire him into one of their studios.

Spartacus4478d ago

Woah! I didn't know this was made by one guy! Kudos to him and congrats to PSN to getting another awesome title. One more reason for me to buy a PS3, i guess.

EZCheez4478d ago

And it's twice as much fun when you're drunk. Twice as hard too.

gamesR4fun4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

This game is great fun. Its like Roboton on acid a pulsating mass of organic sound that forms the root of the game. Hidden behind a visually stunning graphical masterpiece of non stop action and mayham. For 10$ you cant go wrong with this game given the impressive amount of unlockables and even the most hardcore gamer will find each game to present its own unique challenges and flow.

Douchebaggery4478d ago

this game is harder than i thought it would be

kingofps34478d ago

I would like to get this game. Sounds and seems pretty interesting.