Dino Crisis 2 Coming To PSN

Join the battle against prehistoric creatures as the sequel to the popular Dino Crisis game, Dino Crisis 2, will be released on the North American PSN as a PSOne classic.


We now have official word of a release date: April 19th on NA PSN.

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Wolfie4431d ago

Great news! I've played this games like a hundred times on PS1. Enjoyed the story and characters. Ending was good they should contiune it.

SoundGamer4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

Dino Crisis 3 did come out but it was an original Xbox exclusive, wasn't as good, and didn't really follow the story of the first two :/

KillerPwned4431d ago

So many people told me Dino Crisis 3 is horrible but i gotta at least try it myself sometime. Cannot wait to get this game on ps3 :)

MrBeatdown4431d ago


I played it and enjoyed it. It's completely different from 1 and 2, but I still thought it was fun. I'm not sure how bad it has aged seeing as how I played it about six years ago, but for the time, I liked it.

liquidus1184431d ago

They DID continue the story, in a light-gun PS2 game called Dino Stalker.

fluffydelusions4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

Wow, remember this one from the PS1 days. It's like Resident Evil with Dinosaurs. Very cool. Why can't Capcom make games like they did for the PS1? =\

dylandurden4431d ago

Capcom usually throws a couple of new IPs every generation. During the 32-bit era, they invented Resident Evil and Dino Crisis (while going on with their previous series like Breath of Fire, Street Fighter and MegaMan). In the 128-bit era, they invented Devil May Cry, Onimusha and Monster Hunter (while still developing Resident Evil, Dino Crisis and Breath of Fire). This generation, they came up with Dead Rising and Lost Planet (dropping Onimusha, Dino Crisis and Breath of Fire, but going further with Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and of course Resident Evil).

You can bet in the next generation they will develop two or three brand new IPs, while carrying on the most succesful from this generation and abandoning the struggling ones. This has always been they're modus operandi.

Inception4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

A lot of their creative mind such as Yoshiki Okamoto, Shinji Mikami, Hideki Kamiya, and Keiji Inafune was resign from the company. And that's really gave a big blow for capcom.

Honestly, i don't think capcom can make some great games for next generation...

news4geeks4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

Awesome, but the first Dino Crisis is even better because it has more focus as a survival/horror/puzzle and is less of an action game. I don't understand why they can't just release these simultaneously across each PSN region. Maybe it is something to do with bugs in certain versions when converting them.

I'd love capcom to revive the series, but they'd just turn it into a generic action title like every developer is doing these days.

gam3fr33k4431d ago

Lol I still have the PS1 disk for this game

dylandurden4431d ago

Played it to death. It was much more action-focused then the first, but still great.

sayonara894431d ago

First one is one of the best games ever IMO. Is it on PSN?

SoundGamer4431d ago

Yup! It too is in the PSOne classics section for download :)

sayonara894431d ago

SoundGamer: Cool, but for Euro store too? I played japanese version many years ago, hehe :)

dylandurden4431d ago

For now DC 1 is only on JAP and USA PSN

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