The Endgame Syndrome: Why do we abandon games?

In the current state of gaming, releases come out so frequently that gamers constantly have new "stories" to choose from. The biggest catalyst of "Endgame Syndrome" is definitely this factor. Since production values and budgets have risen to new heights, most games are gorgeous to look at. Some argue that one must wade in a sea of pretty games to try to find the ones that are worthwhile, so consumers are constantly sifting through large amounts of content and don't have the patience to spend on completing a game.

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ReBurn4487d ago

I'm bad about this. I have at least a dozen 360 games that I've never finished and at least 4 PS3 games waiting on me to complete.

ENNO4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Im the same..there just aren't any REAL quality games out there...I mean I bought MGS1 for the PS1 after not playing it in a few years and I was so addicted to it i completed it in 2 days(couldn't remember anything so it was like picking it up for the first time)so as of now thats the only game that I have really enjoyed playing on my ps3......

cooke154487d ago

im still trying to beat twilight princess :(

jaja14344487d ago

After almost a year I still have not beaten Dead Rising and I never finished Halo 2 till about 3 weeks ago.

Seraphim4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

true to some extent. While I'm an avid gamer and novice collector there's just so many releases I often find myself discarding one new game for another. But more often than not I'd have to say that games just aren't that great nowadays and titles worth playing from top to bottom are far and few between. Either they're to long, and filled w/ too much trivial stuff or the gameplay and/or story just become to boring you totally lose interest after 6-20 hours. I'd have to say RPGs suffer the most from too much fill and not enough substance. Too many RPGs offer too many trivial side quests and for a game such as myself who collects and enjoys doing everything these quests are often to big of a deterrent. Side Quests are great for adding length to a game, but only when they're placed in the game properly and aren't abused. Anyway, Of the games I've bought this past year [roughly 40] I've only beat Legend of Zelda (GC), GoW 2, Final Fantasy XII, Okami, Resistance, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Lair, Halo 3, and Bioshock; Currently working on Blue Dragon.

Often it also comes down to distribution and delays. Living in a town where there's Walmart, Shopko and KMart to buy games from many of the games I do buy come from an online retailer; especially RPGs. In the event it's a game I think one of these stores will carry, only to find out by weeks end they haven't gotten it yet I'll order it. Other games I'll flat out order or pre-order because I know it won't be carried in town or I get a deal online w/ Free Overnight Shipping. But all to often I find myself getting a game too late. I already have something I'm playing or else my interest/desire to play the game has diminished so I shelf it in the collection and might play it a month, couple months, few months, a year, a couple years later. As it stands I easily have 25 games I haven't even opened yet, not to mention the countless others which I haven't even put in my console, or played very little and just shelved... Same w/ delays. By the time the game finally comes out I can just care less about buying or playing it. There's easily a hundred games I've passed on buying simply because it was delayed and the timing just wasn't right. Had they released it on schedule the timing would have been perfect and I would have bought/played it...

I will say this though. With my PS3 refusing to play Blu Ray movies, and my 360 RRoD I've opted to pass on many new games. My buying habit is less compulsive than it's been these past 6 years and instead of buying everything under the sun I'm buying very little and making sure I actually play a game before moving on. I don't care what the next great thing is I'll stick to what I'm playing if I find time or the desire to play a new release then I'll buy it when the time comes. Where as in the past I'd buy every new game I wanted the first week I'm now being more patient/conservative. Instead of buying 6-10+ games a month I'm trying to only buy upwards of 4; which is still a decent number...

Covenant4487d ago

I think that's one of the nice things about achievement's an impetus to finish the game and also a reason to replay it. I've finished a couple of so-so games just for those last few points.

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